23 December, 2015

Mr. Immortal's grand entrance

Chapter 1: The non-transferable super-power

FYI: Clicking on the picture makes it larger :P

Thank you for your patience my dear readers, at last I have finished my first comic strip! I would like to thank my brain for thinking of it in the first place, and my handy hands for bringing it into this mortal plane. Oh, and my parents for keeping the electricity on :P Thanks to you two too! I shan't write much here because I made you a comic, so please feed me with compliments--- Ahem!... I mean, give me your honest feedback! Thank you kindly.

P.S. I will give you a proper Mr. Immortal logo later, don't rush me. Just let it happen at a work-able pace.

Yours in writing

22 December, 2015

The Wonder Drug

I don't do drugs often, but when I do it's because I'm really tired and the coffee is paid for by the business. Yes, coffee, the life blood of many adults... I'm trying to give it up but it's not that easy. People keep offering me coffee and it would be rude to just refuse, right? Well obviously! It gets quite tempting when I haven't had enough sleep as well. Coffee is irrefutably a strong energy booster and I have heard that caffeine is a drug, so I suppose it might not actually be good for you? There are many whispers of side effects... Shaking, wide eyes, spontaneous combustion, and having to pee more often! Scary stuff... Oh hold on a sec, apparently the spontaneous combustion isn't true. Well, coffee doesn't seem so bad now, does it!?

An all-you-can-eat
floor flavoured food flood
So last night I left my dog home alone. She sure showed me the error of my ways! I found muddy paw prints on my car windows. Maybe she thought I would sneak back in and hide in there? Silly dog... Then she ripped apart the bag of dog food (thankfully not a full bag). Now she has to eat dried-out dog food for the next couple days. To give you an idea of how much effort she would've gone through in this endeavor, we keep the bag of food behind those bars and the gate was locked. She reached through the bars and tore the bag past them, annihilating it in the process... Ninja, you black female dog, you have outdone yourself!

That was a pain to clean up but I reckon I did a pretty good job. I shoveled it all into that big tub in the background. Ninja just watched. SO helpful Ninja. For good measure, as you can see, she tipped the watering can over to make a third of the food soggy and gross to have to pick up. Very gross.

Not as gross as the dead bird she had on Sunday though! There's a funny story... So my woman and my friend were visiting on Sunday. I took said bird from Ninja in the back garden, kept it out of their field of vision as I walked through he lounge, cool as a cucumber, placed it in an empty box, put the box in a bag, and threw the bag in the bin outside! I'm a legend, they suspected nothing B) Just in case you're curious I don't know if she killed the bird or if it was a cat... Although I'm pretty sure it was a cat. Little murderers!

On to greater subjects!

I have procrastinated long enough! So when I get home later this evening, after cooking supper and cleaning the kitchen at last, I will try to finish my first Mr. Immortal comic strip. Don't expect anything fancy but look forward to it anyway. Or else. And be happy, I'm excited here with you! We can be excited together! Good times...

Holidays draw ever nearer
Everything gets so much weirder
Streets are empty
Houses quiet
Sweets are brought
With whimpering diets

Happy holidays my dear readers
Yours in writing

15 December, 2015

Creativity comes in bursts

A while ago I wrote something like 7 blog posts in one weekend. SEVAAAN! Then yesterday I had writer's block. Oh fragile mind, why do you maketh me struggle so!?

Charlie the 'Dream Machine'

I work with a Charlie. Kinda... His name is close enough to Charlie that I deem it fair to call him a Dream Machine. It's also close enough to Carl that I can say "But Carl, that kills people!" in a drawn-out naggy voice as though I were a Llama (in a hat). I have methods to my madness, I assure you! For those of you that don't know, there are ridiculous Youtube videos that you can watch to explain all. "Charlie the Unicorn" and "Llamas with hats". They have provided countless hours of entertainment, largely due to my friend 'almost-Charlie' not agreeing with being called a Dream Machine. He protests to the point of amusement. Mostly my amusement... :P Click on those links, I'm not going anywhere. But I am waiting...
The moment before everything went wrong. Just click on that link and watch it.
If your sense of humour isn't dark or twisted like mine, even a little bit, please don't blame me for making you watch Llamas with hats. They are hilarious unless you don't think so... Now! Creative bursts. You really build up a longing if you don't do creative stuff once in a while. Well - you do if you're me, because I do... So then I write, draw or do random creative things.

Building up to Christmas now, all this hype, 'almost-Carl' has gone on leave. That just leaves 'pronounced-kneel' and I alone some for a bit to manage the store. (I am omitting his real name for colleague confidentiality but to give you an idea his [or her] name is pronounced "kneel")
"That kills people!"
I don't know why you're still not watching it...

This is fine, but my friend 'almost-Charlie' was my primary source of entertainment. The crude jokes and inappropriate remarks throughout the day were a refreshing break from the usual stern professionalism which we uphold most of the time but not really... It's only been 4 hours of working without him but I can tell it'll be a long 2 weeks with him gone. For you 'almost-Carl': "Hello from the other side!". Have fun without us. I'm gonna call a thousand times. Cheers bro...

('Almost-Charlie', stop reading here!!!!!)
PSST! Don't tell 'almost-Carl' that I'm actually jealous of him being on leave, he'd enjoy that too much! I'd rather not give him the satisfaction.

Happy holidays everyone!
No way! Me too! I don't like doing that either. Good llama!
Yours in writing

11 December, 2015

Mr. Immortal

I need a logo for him. At the moment it's
just an "I" for Immortal...
The least bothered super hero in history. He is, after all, immortal! And I'm only drawing him in 4-panel comics so far. Okay! So he basically just doesn't care about much because he lives in the endless expanse of time. I don't yet know how he got this super power but he's quite a depressing fellow because of his little "Super-power" problem.

I have realised that people generally have a focus on a particular theme and set of characters for these comics. It gives the reader a sense of familiarity which eases the humor by giving you insight on the character's personality. So I have Mr. Immortal! I am almost done with my first comic strip, which I hope to release here on Monday. Look forward to it! I have no idea how it will turn out. I'm pretty sure I have a lot of room for improvement though :D

And when I release it then everyone has to give me their honest first impressions! And no dilly-dallying, that feedback is important for the next comics ;) Today is a good day. A Friday, if you will. I love weekends!

Nah, I wasn't really going anywhere with that. Not being random or anything, it just happened... Okay, so I don't know what to write about now. Work's kind of slow lately with the odd rush here or there but I haven't had one of those days for a while. It really looks like everyone's gone off on holiday lately, I can't wait for my leave in January! I'm going to Wilderness on the 3rd or 4th and staying 'til the 11th, it's gonna be amazing! I'm getting more and more excited as your wedding draws closer my sister. Might also have something to do with Christmas, New Year, my birthday and taking a week off work. Among other things... This is gonna be a rockin' holiday :)

I'm wishing for a white Christmas!

Just like the ones I've heard about...

It would be nice if it snowed for Christmas this year. That would probably also be some sort of natural disaster since I'm sitting in 30 degrees of hot and sweaty right now... End-of-the-world omens and what-not. But nice!
Run little guy, run like the wind were carrying each individual snow flake that makes up your being!
And if there were a strong gust on which to ride... Mmmm, Strawberry slushy...
Yours in writing

09 December, 2015


What he said B)
That big "NO-NO!" in all of our lives. I think the word "Racism" is over-used, since it is simply an idea that's been given a word. A word of 6 letters that resembles so much hatred and bigotry. If everyone would just stop using it I'd be so happy. People are judging and excluding others that claim to be racist, because they judge and exclude people they're racist towards... I think it's gone too far for too long. We all bleed red and we all live only one life on this huge rock hurdling through space.

Facts of racism

  • Racism is judging people based on their skin colour.
  • Racism is the act of being biased specifically towards a person's race.
  • When hearing a racist remark, you often hear the words "Not to sound racist but..."
  • Saying "Not to sound racist but..." is racist no matter what it is followed by. For example:
"Not to sound racist but I don't trust that black-ish yellow person" - Racist
"Not to sound racist but that is a funny shaped sweet potato" - Racist
"Not to sound racist but would you please pass the salt" - Also Racist
"Not to sound racist but what's the answer to number 6?" - Possibly racist... If the question is "Name 3 states in America" or "What is Pi squared?" then they are both racist. Because you started with "Not to sound racist but..."

I would be lying if I said that I don't judge people on how they look. I'm no saint, if someone looks untrustworthy then I assume that they are untrustworthy. No matter how unfairly I'm judging them, I can't help it. I also don't trust people I can't smell. Strange right? Well I don't mean people that have no scent, I mean the ones I have to back away from. People I can't stand to smell. When the stench is great, I stand back. That goes for cigarette smells and the un-bathed masses, the smell drives me away, with the exception of my smoking family members. Even if you don't shower every day, I love you guys...

I judge you all -_- Daily!
So when it comes to my personal views, I don't think I'm a racist. I judge black, white, asian, coloured, blue, green people... I judge them all in the same way. If you look violent, un-kept or dodgy in any way then you will be judged negatively. And if you stink. I don't appreciate the stink... On the other hand - if you smell good, look washed, or carry yourself confidently, I will judge you positively and expect great things from you. I get judged quite often too, it's easy to tell when people are making judgements and it's human nature. By judging your surroundings you are able to better prepare for the worst, but for goodness sake please keep those judgements to yourself. Nobody wants to hear it. Judge in silence! Happy judging in this joyous season of merry-making my dear readers...

Yours in writing

07 December, 2015

Amusement at a price


Ignore the rubik's cube. A rubik's cube
would imply that you have to think.

Bored, not much work to do, let's browse 9GAG! Laughter, jokes, popular internet memes, YAY!
(Later that day, after some time ticks by...) Oh! 9GAG updated! Check Facebook posts, what's happening folks?

I'm sure I'm not the only one that gets swept up in these things, right? I try not to let it make my work suffer and I can easily go days without straying off the straight and narrow path, but all I need is a morning with a slow work-load to entice me to some cheap entertainment and I sink into the pit of silly jokes and overly used punch lines. I feel much better about using my time to write up new blog posts, but 9GAG and Facebook allow me the freedom of not thinking much. Time flies when you aren't thinking...

Oh right! Back to writing. So I am easily amused, that's a fact. Simple things amuse my mind, like silly jokes and small fun games. Sometimes I catch myself doing absolutely nothing in "Standby" mode, just staring into nothing-ness. That happens a lot and it really confuses people... Hahahahaha, I love it!

So the "Price" I mentioned in the title would refer, I suppose, to wasting time doing something silly. Not loads of time necessarily, but time you could be using more wisely. For instance, ending war in the Middle-East. I mean really people? Your country needs you! Forget 9GAG! It helps no-one! Alternatively you could study or be working. But it's not my place to judge... If you want to browse 9GAG or social media platforms all day then go for it, and please don't call me a hypocrite because I'm doing the same. Thanks in advance...

How far I've gotten right now...

On a side note

I'm starting a web-comic! I might post them on this Blog, but I have no due date for you yet. I'll release the first one in the next 2 weeks if I don't lose an arm before I finish it. Nothing fancy, just a four-panel comic (more-or-less) about my super-hero, Mr Immortal. It will be arbitrary with a dark sense of humour... Look forward to it! That's it for me now, have a lovely day!

Yours in writing

04 December, 2015

"Customer" Vs. "Cuss-omer"

There are 3 types of people in this world:

- Self-sufficient men and women

A self-sufficient man or woman (hence-forth referred to as a "Self-sufficient person") grows their own animals and vegetables, and pays little or no heed to most of our city-slicker problems. They are not the focus in this post so I'll leave it at that.

- Customers

Customers buy things or services from businesses and both parties deal with each other using respect and understanding. Conversations are carried out in a kind and smooth back-and-forth motion which makes use of both careful and thoughtful explanations, whilst listening with intent.

- Cuss-omers

That... That's pretty accurate :P

Even though the words sound the same if you say them fast, Customers and Cuss-omers are very different. Somehow, no matter how old a Cuss-omer is, they have the ability to revert back to the mind-set of a 3-year-old in a split second. A swearing 3-year-old with an overly-developed body. 6 million years of evolution so that you can throw a tantrum because you can't have what you want? If you're a cuss-omer and you don't have any babies yet, please don't.

An easy way to spot a cuss-omer is the way they treat people. Tell-tale signs include, but are not limited to:
  • Throwing toys out of their cot,
  • Swearing for no good reason (there is no good reason to swear at a store's employee),
  • Throwing things - your own property or otherwise,
  • Not listening at all,
  • Being ridiculous.
Warning! Customers may turn into cuss-omers at a moments notice, and cuss-omers sometimes pretend to be customers to fool you into being nice before they explode in your face. There isn't any tried-and-tested method to deal with cuss-omers, the best way to handle the situation is by not throwing your toys at them in return.

Oh sweet humanity...

When faced with such regressed beings I prefer to perceive them as though I'm watching Animal Planet. Don't take it personally, because they don't know whom or what to direct their anger at. That's exactly why they throw things and hurt the defenseless inanimate objects around them in their rage. Just back away and watch the show, ducking for cover when necessary...

Yours in writing

02 December, 2015

Life has a lot of meaning!

Therefore the meaning of life must be "A lot"! B) BOOM! Just solved the meaning of life. So! One day you will die, you need to live with it. You can't change that fact, you can only choose how you live. I for one want to have kids and just generally live a fun life before I go.
How great is that? Good perspective on life's problems.
No matter how difficult it is now, you're still alive!
So muddle through the hard times as best you can.
Try to make it interesting and do fun things while you're here won't you? Take some risks for what you want, don't be fearful or hesitant. It's really a shame to waste a good thing. Now when I say that "Life has a lot of meaning", it is really just my personal opinion... Your personal opinion may differ from mine but since you only get one life in your whole lifetime you shouldn't let it go without a fight, you shouldn't take one from someone else, and you should never give it away. In my humble opinion.

For a long while now I've pondered on my mortality and morality, I hate to lie or cheat or steal. If I went against my morality, will that weigh on my conscience for the remainder of my mortal life? They are definitely linked, and not just by 8 letters... Essentially my happiness is directly proportional to my morality because it's just so hard to be happy when you're unfaithful to yourself. I don't want a guilty conscience for even a day. I wonder if other people think about that in the same way?

Clearly not everybody does, since prisons exist and people are so often just nasty for no good reason. In a perfect world they'd all understand what they're doing to others.

Crime and questions

I wonder what is truly right and wrong in the greater scheme of things. Does a bad deed make you a bad person? I don't know, it seems to be such a grey area. Is it wrong to take one life in order to save another? I mean yes it sounds wrong to me, but if you take a life to save your own... Leaving aside human laws and religious input, how would you define good and evil? Perhaps an evil deed in your eyes is fueled solely by naivety in the perpetrator.

Then is naivety evil? Is it forgivable if you something breaks but unforgivable if a person dies because of it? So many questions. I'll get back to them later! Too much thinking, it's making my brain hurt. Well, that's me for today. Stay sane!

Yours in writing

30 November, 2015

Dreams (the sleepy-time kind)

Recently I've remembered my dreams quite often. Although only for a few minutes, I vaguely recall the mind-movies that my sub-conscious creates. My dreams need a new directed... They're always confusing and never have much of a plot!
Search "Dream World". Seriously. There are some cool pictures... B)

The other night I dreamed of alien life-forms and goddesses, in which I could float thanks to the Goddess' power and I became the Hulk to protect my new alien friends. A fierce battle ensued in which my friendly alien buddy protected his family and I wiped the floor with that pesky alien hating army. Wiped them out. Then I cleared away the giant's body that was in the way (no, I don't know where the dead giant came from) and it was a happy ending when I parted ways with my alien friends.
So. Damn. Confusing. But entertaining! I enjoyed that dream :P

I remembered my dream from last night as well. But now I can only remember remembering my dream... After I awoke from my slumber it happened as a glimpse, then 'poof'! Gone from my mind... Forever... Unless something jogs my memory today but I reckon it's unlikely. I also vaguely remember some flying dreams in the last few weeks, which tells me I need to learn to hang-glide before I die! Soaring among the clouds. I hate the gut-wrenching feeling of falling, whether on a roller-coaster or a road that's just too damn steep, so I wonder if I can even manage to build up the courage to fly? Yet somehow it's been consuming my mind recently, it's all I can think of if you ask me what my "dream" is. Perhaps I'll set that as a goal, take to the skies with Puka in the next year.

Okay! Before the end of 2016 I want to have my first flight in a hang-glider. You are witness to this declaration of my goal, if I fail this... Then that will be really sad. Any ideas on a punishment for failure, should I procrastinate for too long?
The guy on the left is the Hang-Glider in which I aspire to fly.
On the right is what Hang-Gliders would call a "Dangler".
Yours in writing

27 November, 2015

Dreams (the Goal-orientated kind)

What are my dreams in life? I don't know if I really have any of my own... Well here's what I want out of life in the next 10 years or so: To be happily married and have kids, and I'd like to be paid lots while working less. I don't dream of travelling the world, though I do have interests in learning how to scuba dive, fly a hang-glider and that's pretty much it. I wouldn't call that a dream I guess, more of a curiosity/interest.

I think I would also like to go to America for a while. That could be a lot of fun, spending time with my grand-parents as well - Puka and Grammy. If they'll have me :P

From looking at other people, dreams appear quite motivational. A goal to work towards that you can use to better yourself and even endure harsh times for. How do you give yourself a dream though? Is it as simple as deciding to give your all for something you really want? Then is somebody able to crush your dreams, or are you the only one in control? I am not sure. I know little about dreams, I just want to get rich and retire young somehow... So this post isn't a motivational one, I guess what I want to tell you all is to not let others get you down. You decide your fate in my opinion, work towards what you love. I'm going for the gold prize of retiring soon, just try your best to do what you love because that will make you happy.

If you have goals, go for them and if you have dreams, just keep dreaming until they become reality (by which I mean to keep your dreams on your mind and use them as your drive). Nobody knows your life and ambitions better than you do, so don't let others decide what's best for you.

My last word of advice would be to use caution in differentiating between dreams and interests. If you're interested in something but aren't certain it is attainable, keep it on the back-burner for now. Focus on manageable tasks. You could always decide it really is your dream to become an astronaut later in life :)

Most importantly of all, don't confuse life-goal type dreams with sleepy-time dreams. You won't fly if you jump off a building no matter how much you believe in fairies...
Don't do it Timmy!
Yours in writing

25 November, 2015

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

That's what today is. It just so happens to also be a Wednesday! You know what that means? It is the middle of the week. So! International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, from here-on referred to only once more as IDEVAW. I won't mention the acronym more than twice in this post. I recently received a flier and information sheet for "16 Days of Activism for no Violence Against Women & Children" which takes place from today until International Human Rights Day on the 10th of December.
Yes, remain calm

So I would like to say a few words on the matter, hence this blog post has been brought into existence... To start off with, I used to be a children myself. But more importantly, I have children cousins and they are adorable! And I have a lovely woman in my life that has my heart, as well as women sisters, a woman mom, my other-mother, and many more women in my family. I love them all, and I'd like to say that if anyone would dare to hurt them then they'd get to see a nasty side of me that even I haven't seen.

All humans should be thinking the same thing in my opinion. There is no excuse for violence or abuse against any other person, whether they be a woman, child or man. To treat another human with no respect or as an inferior creature really shows others what kind of degraded scum you are, because only something less than human can take joy from another person's suffering.

Well, that's all I'll say on the matter for now, I don't want my emotions to interfere with the humorous style of my words! I kid, I kid... This is an important matter that I urge everybody to think long and hard about. If you know of someone that is abused inside or outside of any relationship, by any stranger or any family member, it is up to you to report it.
Do it! Stand up and make a difference.
Alrighty then my readers, have a lovely IDEVAW day. Always keep your eyes open to what's happening around you. Being a child should not be a scary thing...

Yours in writing

23 November, 2015

Trapped like a rat


The time had come once again. Dad looked at his little calendar, hoping it was not so- but it was indeed the first of the new month. As our tradition dictates, it had to be the last born...

So we bathed him under the leaking faucet to cleanse and prepare him. We tried to skip the bathing once but the Gods were dis-pleased, taking 2 others with the fumes before the fire died down at last. Their lungs were too small to handle that thick smog...

Number 9 was now ready for the ceremony. (Mom and Dad didn't want to get too attached so they chose those kinds of names for us. I was Number 7)

10 at night, we gathered at the holy altar of metal and plastic to receive the blessings of the Gods. We were ready, but were we prepared? We'd done this dozens of times, we knew the procedure! We had lost so many to the blue flames, piercing our eyes each and every time... Our hearts were forged in steel. We should not have been swayed after all this time, yet we wept...

Number 9 looked confused, wondering why we were in a circle. Behind cover. Wearing our little glasses, prompting him towards the cheese-coated plastic in front of him. He never was a bright one, that Number 9... Dad looked down to his little watch and whispered under his breath:

"Oh Gods of ours, whiskered and laden with thick golden fur, supply us with what we need for survival. All we ask for is simply enough, slithers of food and plenty of luck. Keep the giants, clawed and flat-footed away. Let the cheese not be poisoned, the left-overs safe..."

Then in a thunderous voice: "GO NOW NUMBER 9! EAT THE CHEESE OF VALHALLA!!!"

With a chomp of those mighty jaws, our little Number 9 had a hasty passing. I believe it is best that he did not know this was coming, all lit up like a Christmas tree. I have only heard of such behemoths though, Dad says that the giants use them to pray to their own Gods. With the sacrifice of poor little Number 9 perhaps some day I, too, shall get a glimpse of this awe inspiring 'tree' of plastic and metal...

It was at this same time that Barbara noticed the lights dim for a split second. "Stupid electrician, botched up the wiring!" - she thought to herself while watching her favourite soapy on the telly. This small inconvenience had no lasting effects on Barbara.

RAT-a Paws, the
spirit-animal of Christmas.

Well, um... Don't do drugs! Or you may come up with things like this 0_O (P.S. I wasn't doing drugs when I wrote this, I'm just strange).

To clarify, this story is about a family of rats in a roof. I know it may have been a little confusing but please bear with my need for subtlety even if it hurts with all the confusion... Barbara is a human that lives in the house below the rat family and she enjoys her television shows.

Yours in writing

20 November, 2015

It's all fun and games

Until somebody gets hurt... Then it's hilarious! But only if it isn't serious - unless it is really serious but not actually really serious. I think. I'm confusing myself now... What I'm saying is that I have a nasty sense of humour sometimes.

I don't actually take joy from people being in pain, I'm not a sadist or an evil mastermind/alien bent on destroying all humans. I just find funny things funny! So if someone trips on their shoe-laces and falls flat on their face but gets up afterwards, I will laugh. A lot. I might not stop laughing until their face is healed up and I forget about the ordeal. Sorry! But not really. Bwahahahaha!
The Alien I mentioned before. Good game series.
I wouldn't dream of hurting someone, getting them to land on their face intentionally or anything. That would make me a nasty person and I don't want to be nasty... I like being liked and I'm very much a people-pleaser!

How about some poetry...

We copulate and populate, filling all the cracks
Human beings everywhere, saying this and that.
Living to the fullest, or putting others down
Life is short and meaningful, so live it loud and proud.
Live as an example to yourself, the strangers, all
Show them what you're living for to make them want it more.
Peace out (Drops mic.)

Life isn't all fun and games, the world can be a scary place. But that doesn't give you any right as an individual to make it worse for those around you!

Live respectably now!
Yours in writing

18 November, 2015

Memories for a lifetime

Some people have really good memories. As I've stated before, I do not. I can't even remember what I had for breakfast 3 days ago or the hair colours of all my friends. I could take a guess but I don't actually recall the colour of someone's hair or eyes unless I make special note of it. The same goes for faces. If you asked me to give you the description of someone I know then it will likely be missing most of the important features, like if they have a nose or chin? I couldn't say...

I'm so FANCY!
So a good way to record memories would logically be by taking pictures and videos as often as you can! I went for a photo shoot with my girlfriend, her sister, and her sister's boyfriend on Saturday afternoon. I was looking forward to that quite excitedly, since we were all dressing up nice and fancy-looking. Well, kinda fancy I suppose. I wore a black shirt and blue jeans with my best shoes. They're black and formal-looking, and even have quite a heel on them. Gives me that extra inch or 2 so that I can make everyone feel shorter. I'm not short myself so I feel a little bad going up to 6' 3" or however high they make me.

The photo shoot was a lot of fun! I drove all the way to Pretoria to get to the golf course estate which we arranged to do the shoot at. After the sister's photos were taken (so about 1 hour later :P) we had group photos and then couple photos, with a Disney theme in mind for Jess and I. It really was quite fun! Twirling and swirling, sitting and kissing. I'm looking forward to seeing how they come out, and Jess looked positively amazing in that dress with the light make-up applied. I will post a picture here when I have one available :D

Ah yes, memories to keep for a lifetime... On the other hand, I don't carry a camera wherever I go. I don't like pulling out my phone to take a snap shot or interrupting the beautiful moments that I want to capture. I prefer to enjoy them and just struggle to remember them later! And anyway, I don't sit and browse through old pictures often enough for it to be worth while. So I'll leave it as a problem for the older me that might lose his memory, but I'm hoping he/I won't...

A Facebook page for my Blog posts

I made a page on Facebook to promote my blog! So I decided to shamelessly promote my Facebook page here so that you can like it, thereby getting Facebook updates for my new posts from my blog. Please and thank you! I have created this page because I was afraid my only activity on that social network - posting links to this blog - may have been getting on my family and friend's nerves. So I allow my readers to follow me willingly by liking my page instead of forcing it down their throats when they visit Facebook :P

Then I sent requests to everyone on my contact list to like my new page ;) Not forcing down throats, just asking nicely!

Fare thee well.
Yours in writing

16 November, 2015

Cats kill? Can't complain.

This morning I found a present in the bathroom, un-wrapped! Cats are sloppy when it comes to giving Christmas presents.

Firstly. It's mid-November. What the hell, cat! You're a month too early.
Secondly. You couldn't find some wrapping paper to keep the gift in!?
Thirdly. Consumables should be acquired close to the date, or kept in the freezer or fridge so that they don't spoil. Not the bathroom floor...
Fourthly. I don't want a dead bird, none of the humans want a dead bird. We'd be happier with a dead rat or a Parktown Prawn's legs.

So please, cats, put some thought into your little gifts - and just don't. It's better if you just don't. For all our sake's and the tiny animal kingdom, you'd be doing us a favour if you don't kill most of those little critters. Especially the winged ones!

On the topic of dangerous creatures:

Killer Copper Cars

I know what you're thinking. "What? Cars aren't sentient! You're full of nonsense!"
Cars that look like this! BEWARE!

You're only half wrong. Cars can be sentient! I've beheld this with my minds eye, they take on a will of their own... Like Transformers! But with less of the 'All Spark' and more of the 'Grudges of a thousand Souls wrongly accused in the past!'. So be careful fellow drivers, they look just like cop cars. They flash their flashy blue and red lights with their sirens on and indicate for you to pull over. When you've parked on the side of the road they turn off the sirens and lights and lie in wait... Slowly your impatience grows, until you decide it was some kind of mistake. But as soon as you start driving-BEE-BOO-BEE-BOO!!! So you pull back to the side and wait. When you've finally gotten irritated enough that you get out of the car to ask them what they want with you, BAM! Hit-and-run. So please. PLEASE! Don't step out of the vehicle, it's safe in there. Cop cars are evil and filled with malice. Don't become a victim of Authoritayis-vehiculeious murder. Be cautious of the authoritay.

Stay safe folks!
Yours in writing

13 November, 2015

3 is the magic number

I couldn't keep to a schedule to save my life. Perhaps if I got paid to only write new posts I could get that right, so for now you can just be happy that I'm posting more-or-less than 3 posts a week :P It is just so hard to stick to a deadline. So many school projects suffered thanks to that trait of mine... Actually, I probably had less than a 50% success rate in completing projects :( Well that's in the past. Besides - I didn't enjoy most of those subjects much anyway. The worst part was not being paid to do the things I don't like, since I started working it's a lot easier to write Emails and speak in front of strangers, I do it daily without issue. Well, without many issues...

So with Christmas right around the corner, I can't be the only one excited for my birthday, right? There'll be fireworks, cheering, birthday resolutions made for the new year... Yip, my birthday is an important day! Most people will be celebrating New Year's day, but not me! :P I'm curious as to hear what other people are excited for at the end of the old year and beginning of the new year...
Christmas COW!
I mostly look forward to seeing all my family and friends around the Christmas tree and enjoying the sights of Wilderness (where we all congregate for fun times), all the out-door activities we can do there, opening presents, and this year is especially special because of Caro's wedding :D I wonder what I'll wear? Jess already brought a stunning black dress, so whatever I choose won't compare. I guess I'll strut my T-shirt and shorts since there's no competition anyway :P

Don't worry, I'm just kidding! I'll prepare some kind of suit or something...

Lucky number 13

I see 13 as my lucky number, mostly just to spite everyone that gets superstitious easily. And besides, it has the number 3 in it! The magic number of posts per week, Magic 3. So mysterious... In fact, there are only 2 whole numbers in existence that don't have '3' in them! 1, and 2. every other number has 3. 4 = 3+1, BAM! Magic number 3. That same principal can be applied to any number above 3, just in case you were wondering.

So Happy Friday the 13th!
NOT a holiday for some reason...

Yours in writing

12 November, 2015


It's the end of the world as we know it,
It's the end of the world as we know it,
It's the end of the world as we know it,
And I feel dry...

The world shall end not with a bang, but a water-less, crackly whimper...

That's right folks - there is drought in the air. I don't know how many days I've gone without a bath... Thank goodness I can shower every week! Seriously though. We didn't have water for nearly 2 whole days and I thought I was going to die :'( I felt so filthy because I couldn't shower on Tuesday evening like I normally do. I live for those weekly Tuesday showers... Not having running water is enough to drive you mad!

Well, with the drought and my random rants. That will probably drive you crazy rather soon. So now I'm treating the water that we do have with a great deal more respect, you're taught a little humility when you realise how lost you are without it. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, they say... And since you are made up of an astonishing 70% water, you get pretty fond pretty fast.

Speaking of distance

I really need to talk to my dad and sisters! I feel like a bad sibling-son when I don't talk to them for so long, why do I suck so much when it comes to keeping contact? I would like to take this time and space to send a shout-out first to my dad, thank you for being so great and raising me so lovingly. Then thank you Carol for marrying my dad and making him so happy. Thank you Kathryn for being the best (little) sister in the world, and I'm so proud of you for studying so far from home and your beloved family (I mostly mean me ;) but our parents too). Thank you Caroline for being the greatest (also little but older) sister in the world! Of course you also make me so proud, what with you having your own place in such a beautiful area and getting married. I am soooo excited for that. And lastly but not leastly, thank you Francois for bringing joy to my sister's heart. bro. Okay I think that's it for the shout-out, so lastly I just want you all to know that I love you! Even if I don't call every day. Or week. Or month... I do think of you all, I promise :)

As my beautiful girlfriend quoted on her blog, "Ohana"! (for those of you that don't know, Ohana means family. And family means no-body gets left behind, or forgotten)
- Thanks Jess
Yours in writing

10 November, 2015

I don't want to set the world on fire!

Fatal I say! Now go wear something else...
I promise! But I like change. If I have the choice to do something completely different to what I'm doing now, I'll probably take the opportunity. For example, I was waitering. Now I'm not waitering anymore! Because I got the chance to do something else. To be fair, I actually hated waitering by the end of it... I'm looking forward to moving out as well, and having a place to myself. Well, out of my parents' house. That is an exciting idea, funds are the only issue at this point. I need a better paying job, or I need my job to pay better.

The power which the past holds over me

I don't think about the past often and I don't dwell on it. Just as I've been a waiter, I took the life lessons away from doing that and I implement the skills that I've acquired for doing better in my current job. I even use those people skills in every day social interactions, they're built into my sub-conscious! I don't think about how I'll greet people like I used to, or worry about calling up businesses for things and talking to strangers. If someone acts negatively or aggressively to me I'll deal with the situations as they arise. In my opinion, to truly accept change you need to let go of what you had before. You can't live in the past and still enjoy what you have in the now!

I may be a special case though. I have lived a fortunate and privileged life, that's true. I thank the heavens for that blessing. So I don't think of the past much... In fact I often find myself forgetting things that used to be important or relevant to me after just a few weeks, as though my mind decides that there is more important info to record. A distant example would be the hamster that died when I was younger! I heard from my friend from way back then that I cried for the poor thing and had a burial! I did NOT remember that, I only remember finding it lifeless in its cage-thingy.
If you view life as a book :P
Remembering sad or saddening things is not in my skill set. Recently someone very close to me told me that she doesn't think she's beautiful because of what bullies told her in the first 3 years of school. I can't wrap my head around why that still bothers her, I was bullied too in school but that was a lifetime ago! No really... I don't mean I've gotten old, perish the thought! But I've completely changed. As humans, we change to survive! Day to day, year to year, we change our thinking and undergo physical changes as well. I used to be tiny and adorable, I hated work and I didn't talk to people because they scared me. Today I have some great friends that I can depend on to the end, I got tall and less adorable, and I talk to people a lot! Every day! Well, almost every day... I still hate having to work, but I have accepted it as a necessary evil. Because I like buying nice things :D

So what hold do those sad children have from 10 or 15 years ago? Absolutely none! They didn't even insult me, they insulted a scared little kid whom was insecure about his intelligence and looks. They were mean to someone else, even if that person was in my body. So hold your head high, nobody is the same person that they were yesterday!

Go forth now human, and be confident in your path no matter the hurdles you face! 

Yours in writing

07 November, 2015

In the greater scheme of things

This is YOU! The universe is YOU!
Do you ever feel small in the vastness of the universe? Or like a paper bag? But what is the universe? By definition according to Wikipedia: "The Universe is all of time and space and its contents. The Universe includes planets, stars, galaxies, the contents of intergalactic space, the smallest subatomic particles, and all matter and energy." Meaning that the universe is conscious, has gained intelligence, and is reading this Blog of mine. In fact, this Blog IS the universe! Just as YOU are the universe!

So what does that mean to us earthlings? We are all a little piece of the universe! A tiny eency weency minuscule piece of the seemingly endless expanse of space. It's hard to feel important in such a large area, heck- it's hard to feel important in your own neighbourhood and for some, even in their own family! So what's the use of worrying? It never was worthwhile... So! Pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag and smile, Smile, SMILE!

I'm sick of worrying about things I can't control. Just gives you grief and stresses you out for nothing! I can't control how other people think or feel either, which can get frustrating... Why won't they stop being so stubborn about their individuality and just see my point of view? And I'm certainly not gonna dwell on being insulted by another human being. Whether you're drunk or angry or just an idiot, if I don't like your opinion then I have no reason to accept it! So insult me to your heart's content if it makes your little ego feel better, call me ugly or retarded, but as is always the case - I'm the rubber, you're the glue! What ever you say bounces off me and sticks to you :P
Ooh, sticky situation...

Right! That original topic...

So what importance does your existence have in the universe? It's probably not very far-reaching since I referred to such a large scale, but you can make it meaningful! What you need to worry about most in this life is your footprint left on the people around you while you're here. You CAN ignore them and live your life real lonely-like, but then I don't know what that life will be worth. Filling other people with joy lifts my spirit more than any act of self satisfaction ever will! If you don't enjoy making others happy (at the very least, your immediate family or a loved one of some sort) then this doesn't apply to you... Good luck finding happiness out in this nasty world, I surely know that I can't do it alone. I need people. I thrive on positive reinforcement in my day-to-day living! I would shrivel up and my reason for living would be cast to the wind if I had to be alone in this life, as fleeting as my mortal human body allows.

Stay frosty (whatever that means)
Yours in writing

04 November, 2015

I philosophise, therefore I am

I philosophise on some philosophical philosophies from time to time, even if they're just my frantic thoughts and ramblings. Thinking of things is often quite fun, having new ideas...
A so-called "Cog in the Machine"?
Don't be one if you can help it.

But now I have no idea what else to write about on the subject... Any ideas?


Come on, it's okay, I won't bite.

I'm waiting...

Well, if you don't want to help me out then that's fine!

I'll just throw a tantrum and write a short story!

The Philosopher

A boy, only in his teens. He literally has the entire world ahead of him to go and explore. A hundred thousand choices and a million paths he could take each and every day. With the endless world of possibilities in front of him, there's only one thing to do!

Think. Think long and hard about it.

"Now what? I need to ponder on my future for a while, so I guess I'll get a job in the meantime!"

After a "short while" turned into a "Longer amount of time" the boy become a young man. Using time to think of what he wants to do in life can't have been a bad decision right? I mean, he doesn't want to mess up and waste time on pointless endeavors. And the last thing he wants to do is grow old with regrets from paths not taken. So then what is the right decision to make for his future? Should he be studying something or working somewhere? But he has no idea what to do or where to do it... Will he ever know for sure?

So he works and lives and marries with kids,
day to day thinking and dreaming of things.
But what will he do? He has no dreams of his own
He has no true goals and he feels like a drone.
If he moves, will he fall or fly?
Thinking too much by-and-by,
He may truly love life,
Hates to waste it though.
So what comes next?
Try to move...
Live life...


Hm... That was terrible. Depressing even... Glad I'm not that guy! What to do now?...

Yours in writing

02 November, 2015

Knives and sharp, pointy, shiny metallic objects

I like knives! They look so cool, slice so swiftly, puncture superfluously, dice decisively, and shine so shiny-ly! I enjoy collecting sharp things. Knives, ninja stars, shuriken(s?), metal shaped thingies, and pocket knives. On the rare occasion I even leave the house with one or two for situations where I need to cut things! Because they do that well... Obviously... and you never know, someone might pull a knife on me! And then I can be like: "Don't hurt me man, please just take this nice shiny knife and leave me alone! It was expensive..." and that will distract them from taking my phone. That would be an ideal outcome...
Shiny and sharp objects that sadly I do not own.
I want to...

Pain and uncomfortable things
GIF from ASDF Movie. Watch it now!
An example of something I find funny.

I don't like pain! Never! Pain makes it hard to live, it's too easy to dwell on it - physical or emotional - and time goes by wasted. Happy living is healthy living! Maintain a happy soul! Which brings me to the next topic: Laughter!

Everyone has a different sense of humour, even if only a fraction of a degree different from, E.G., your best friend. Mine, I've been told, is pretty twisted. That would be why I joke about grim subjects every now and again, like choking on a hamster. I know that a joke such as this is crossing the line for some people, but what can I say? I love it! Likewise I enjoy dead baby jokes (there are a lot and they're all horrible) and I enjoy jokes that don't make complete sense. In other words, jokes that use round-about flawed logic to prove an irrational point. If you want an example, too bad! I can think of none. If you know of one, or just want to share a joke of your own that you find ridiculously funny, please comment below!

How to comment on some-body's blog post (for beginners):

It has occurred to me that many people don't know how to comment on a post (that has become clear to me, since I don't get flooded by comments...). It's really quite simple! There are a couple of ways to go about it, firstly you can just click on the title of the post to bring it up alone in a window, and at the bottom of the post you can write words in the word box! Then you can select a profile to comment as, choose an alias or go under the name "Anonymous" if you don't want me to know who you are, and simply click "Publish". Of course the "Anonymous" option only applies if you say something really REALLY flattering and you get embarrassed easily. Alternatively, there's a little line below the post that either says "No Comments" or "(Insert no. of comments here) Comments", just click on that! Lastly, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all (as my parents used to say). Please be gentle...

Yours in writing

29 October, 2015

An Evil mastermind from the root

Even Evil-er sounding than him!
I've always known that one day I would find my calling... Yesterday I was an Evil Mastermind! Kind of. A good friend of mine needed a few lines read for an animation project she's working on, and I'm happy to oblige! An opportunity to say silly things with an evil voice? Of course I'd volunteer! So I went to the almost-soundproof store-room in the back of the shop to record my lines. (I say "almost-soundproof" because it's only "sound-proof" if nobody is nearby...)

It was there that I spoke of silly things with great gusto and pizzazz, repeating my lines until I was satisfied with the outcome. Fortunately she was satisfied with my evil voice acting!
P.S. That wasn't my calling. Probably...


I should not be trusted with living things, plants and animals. I have a poor record up to now... In primary school I had a dwarf hamster and it died. I haven't told anyone about this yet but it was the same day I forgot to give it water before I went to school! Maybe it was gonna die anyway, I'm not sure... Do hamsters normally survive one day without water? That was the first and last time I had a hamster.

I've tried to grow a bonsai tree from a seed too. What a failure... Did you know you have to keep the soil moist ALL THE TIME!? Too much effort. Anyway, it dried out and didn't live. Then I got a tumble weed! What an easy plant, it dries up into a ball to reserve it's water when it's dry! I lost it... I think it fell on the floor and got thrown in the trash :(
Mine looks almost exactly
like this one!
Just a little dirtier...

My only 2 successful plants to date are one cactus and an avocado seed. The seed is sitting in a glass jar with water, sprouting a short green stem and white, tendrily roots. My cactus on the other hand lives in a small pot outside, flourishing in the sunlight and complete lack of attention! It didn't need me to begin with, in fact all the careless arms and evil kitty cats did it more harm than good. It even has scars from its captive days gone by, before it attained its freedom in the sun. It is a little hard to appreciate up close since it pokes me when I touch it...

There are actually some other plants I got right, but they're virtual. Doesn't count. Plants Vs. Zombies, for example, and a game I'm playing where you plant pot-plants in pots and sell the fruits. So many successful plants in those games... Yay, real-life virtual success!

Yours in writing

26 October, 2015

Silly Cellphone Games

Some games,
most of which I don't actually play...
Just a good stock image to portray
my topic of games.
The likes of which have you tapping away on your phone for hours. Well, they get me hooked quite easily! I downloaded the Plants Vs. Zombies 2 and Nimble Quest android games (among others) that are so much fun! Maybe even TOO much fun D: Oh, and I got Alchemy which is ridiculously entertaining for such a simple game. You put elements together (starting with Earth, Water, Air and Fire) to create all the wonders of the universe from life, to planets, and even movies! Much fun can be had from this silly game. My friend and I have made around 300 of the 390 items available in this game, sharing our discoveries so that we can win faster! Teamwork B)


What super-power would you have if you could choose one? I'd like to be able to calm people down and make them tranquilly happy with only the sound of my voice. That would be a great power! No conflicts or concerns, just blissful happiness... I hate fights. If I could avoid every single one I probably would, though that's not possible in this world we live in. If you interact with people there will be conflicts! Full-stop! Period! END! OF! SENTENCE!

As humans, we need others in our life (to hold onto our sanity obviously, solitude is completely maddening!). However, to completely understand another human is a near impossible feat. People always have conflicting ideas and ideals, and if you were to find somebody that thought in exactly the same way as you do, you would probably get bored of them. If you really want to talk to yourself then do that. But if you want to have a real conversation then talk to another person. If you are able to have a real conversation with yourself, I suggest you keep that to yourself... People that think like you do are too often mis-understood and locked up in a small room with a hug jacket on :(
"It's a perfect fit! You look all the rage, darl"
A poem for my pretties:
I love my jacket, need my jacket, hug my jacket daily.
I share my jacket with myself and sometimes I'm a lady.
They say my friends inside my head are all a little crazy.
My jacket says that I'm the best, it keeps nice and cozy.

Stay sane my readers
Yours in writing

23 October, 2015

Singing in the Shower

Shower shenanigans

"No, It wasn't me singing...
It was the shower!"

Don't worry, this will be family friendly! I love my daily showers. Just soaking in the 'rain' from the geyser, it's great! And I've noticed a pattern in how I shower. I stick to showering in roughly the same temperature until I'm cleaned up nicely. Then if I have time, I turn the temperature up and soak in the extreme heat! If it gets too hot, I turn it down until it's freezing and refreshing! Feels soooo good :D Showers are just so great and relaxing, you can literally feel your worries melt away along with the layers of grime that's been building up since last week's cleansing. The BEST!

Enough about showers!

Human interaction:
I wasn't always such a social bunny! In the past I would hide in front of the T.V. watching anime and playing PlayStation games. Now I like people! There are lots of interesting ones, some irritating poepels, and many nice people! (No, that wasn't a spelling mistake. Just say "Poeple" out loud and you'll know what I mean).

Human interaction makes us who we are. I don't change by myself, the people around me shape who I am. That's why it's so vitally important to be selective of which people you allow to mould you. Even if you don't think they're having an affect on you, trust me, they are changing the way you think and view life. Therefore, I am selective of the people I let into my life! I'm not desperate for friends because I know that if I'm patient and I use caution around new people with how I act and what I say, before I know it the right people will worm their way into my life. Friends are people you can have a symbiotic relationship with. Then you get the parasites! Human parasites, as described by the wiki page you can reach on that last link, are as such: "Examples of parasites in humans include tapeworms and leeches.". Tapeworm and leech people are not conducive to a happy life. I have had some tapeworm and leech people in my life and it never turned out well. So be careful with whom you open your heart to!

Yours in writing

21 October, 2015


The "THINGY!" In question.
I've been feeling a bit Artsy-Craftsy lately. For the last 3-or-so months I've collected disks from old hard drives for something. I didn't have much of an inkling of an idea for what I wanted to do with them, I just wanted them. They're reflective and I like 'em. Don't judge me!

I thought I'd do something with them at some point, and finally I did! I made a thingy to hang from high places :P I don't know what I made, I have seen stuff with the same style but if you recognise it please let me know what it is. Thank you! So I used fishing wire to connect it all, 2 disks (as you can see), a wee little disco ball (seriously, just open your eyes, it's there clear as day), a mysterious oceanic beast's spinal bone, and that blue stone on the right. The stone was a gift from my dear younger sister, the disco ball from my parents, and I found the bone on a beach some years back. Adventuring off on my own if I remember correctly!

I want to make something with this kinda feel
For my next trick, I think I'd like to create a ridiculous mirror of confusion. Yes, that would please me... I shall string the remaining disks together expertly and precisely for the most discombobulating mirror you've never seen. I will put a picture of it on my blog when I succeed!

If you have any other good ideas before I butcher them all, I'd appreciate the input (by butcher, I mean drill them full of holes. That's the idea, then string 'em up). I don't explore this creativity inside of me all that often so I suspect it may turn out fairly ridiculously. But as long as I have fun doing it then there shouldn't be any issues! If you think there is an issue with that, don't tell me! I don't need that kind of negativity in my life.

Yours faithfully in the written word

19 October, 2015

Manga days

Manga are Japanese comic books and novels, aimed both at adults and children. They're actually quite similar to comics really, and (unless they've been mirrored) will be read from right to left. Manga is super entertaining! I don't read much unless I have pictures in-between all the wordy-words, and I indulge in manga for hours upon hours! I lose track of time digitally flipping through the pages until I've read every chapter up-to-date.

What I assume these illiterate students do.
-"Yes! The answer was 'STICK MAN'!"
So I'm not normally an avid reader, I have read only 2 or 3 non-pictured books. Let's see... One was "The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents", and the other one was "Only You Can Save Mankind". Good books, I can still remember a little bit of those stories! To be fair though, I was FORCED to read them! My primary school was afraid that we would advance into High School without having the capacity to read. Yes, you read correctly (if you aren't illiterate). It is apparently possible to pass grade 7 without reading. Personally I found those final exams to have a few too many written words in them, it boggles my mind - perhaps if you correctly guessed the question and drew an accurate picture of the answer, they might mark leniently?

Anyways, I made it to High School and even passed it with flying colors so I'm fine and I read good lol.

Gamer at <3

That great One Piece game is as fun and chaotic in co-op as I'd hoped it would be, I convinced Jess to play with me yesterday. To my joyful surprise, she enjoyed the game as well! I struggled to get both controllers to work at first and I had to play with the tiny Num Pad. Even though I completely lost track of the controls, I still had fun :P I made them both work after that for Mucho Grande Fun times!

Yours in writing

16 October, 2015

Singing in the rain

Remember that time before you had a cellphone, a wallet and a laptop, and being in the rain was fun? When the miracle of water falling from the sky filled you with joy? I do! Back in my day, before I worried about my cell short-circuiting, I'd run joyfully through the showers! Taking it in and drinking the drops that land on my lips.
I don't even need an umbrella!
These days I mostly just love the rain when it isn't causing me any inconveniences. When the extra moisture doesn't trip our old house's fragile distribution board, and the lightning doesn't blow up the sub-station. That's kinda sad... Next time it rains and it's warm I'm leaving my tech in the house or the car and going for a walk! As long as it's during the day, 'cause I don't wanna get mugged! Boy, they'd be disappointed if they mugged me on that day...

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3!


I started playing that P.C. game yesterday and it's awesome! It has every character to date and starts you off from the very beginning of the story. That's a 700 episode long anime saga put into a single game! 240 hours of an epic adventure boiled into a game for me to devour! Woohoo! I only just started but I love it so far. And it has a co-op story mode, so I really want someone to play with me :P

You're even able to play as all the other characters, including Luffy's brother, Ace. If you know the anime, you're probably as thrilled as I am about that! If you haven't watched it then there's no time like the present!

And now for a poem:
I've lived many lives
In games I have played
If I could be playing one right now
You wouldn't have had to read this terrible poem.
It's really quite bad, I know, you want me to stop typing but I just keep going.
The end.
I really got you there, didn't I?
But alas, the end is nigh.
Good bye.

Happy Friday everybody, enjoy the coming weekend!
Yours in writing