30 July, 2015

Mr. Benjamin's less amazing sing-along blog in written format

This was a triumph!

I'm making a note here, huge success.

It's hard to over state my satisfaction.

EVERYBODY SING ALONG! I'm just joking, I'll stop that now :P
Oki-doki! Let's talk about dental hygiene! Now kids, always remember to brush your teeth twice a day and floss! I flossed once... It was strange and I know I really should be doing it more often, but I don't want to. But at least I brush my teeth in the morning :D and I really should brush them at night too :/ Okay I admit I'm not a very good role model for dental hygiene. At least I have cake! Fortunately for me I've always had strong teeth, but as I learnt with my recent dental check-up, they aren't invulnerable. I got one filling done and have 2 to go, and my ironically stupid wisdom teeth don't care that there's not enough space for them to occupy :( Little ass-holes -_-

On that note, why is it so expensive to get a tooth removed? You're paying good money to have someone remove a part of your body. If it's an organ you get bundles of cash! I bet it's just because they're not re-usable. But what if they were? I'm sure someone out there would be delighted to have a full set of wisdom teeth put in, it's not like they have cavities :P I am currently picturing the reactions of my entire family as they try to imagine having a strangers' teeth in their mouth... Bwahahahaha!

So speaking of teeth, my girlfriend's dad is a dentist! I briefly considered asking him to do my dental work for me, but no. Not happening. You find things out about people that have your life in their hands, sometimes those things are painful. If he doesn't like me, I'd most likely experience a lot of pain from him working in my mouth- well, more pain than usual... Too risky!

Insert subtle change of topic here:

Okay I don't want to talk about dinosaurs. Meh.
Let's talk about beauty! (I know it's just me talking but when I say "let's", what I mean is that I'll talk about it and you can pretend we're having a conversation in your head on the matter whilst you read this. Just make sure I don't say anything stupid when you're pretending to talk to me -_-)

They say beauty is skin deep, but that's not what comes to mind when I call someone beautiful. To me, a beautiful person has more than just a pretty face. If someone looks like a super model and treats another person badly, I won't like them, nor will I consider them beautiful. On the other hand, if I meet someone that doesn't have conventional features whom is kind to others, accepting and loyal, I will literally see them as more beautiful the more I get to know them. It's truly amazing how much your perception changes with an altered mind-set!

Believe me, I am still alive!

I lied about the cake :( I have none.
Until next time ;)

Benjamin, OUT!