04 December, 2015

"Customer" Vs. "Cuss-omer"

There are 3 types of people in this world:

- Self-sufficient men and women

A self-sufficient man or woman (hence-forth referred to as a "Self-sufficient person") grows their own animals and vegetables, and pays little or no heed to most of our city-slicker problems. They are not the focus in this post so I'll leave it at that.

- Customers

Customers buy things or services from businesses and both parties deal with each other using respect and understanding. Conversations are carried out in a kind and smooth back-and-forth motion which makes use of both careful and thoughtful explanations, whilst listening with intent.

- Cuss-omers

That... That's pretty accurate :P

Even though the words sound the same if you say them fast, Customers and Cuss-omers are very different. Somehow, no matter how old a Cuss-omer is, they have the ability to revert back to the mind-set of a 3-year-old in a split second. A swearing 3-year-old with an overly-developed body. 6 million years of evolution so that you can throw a tantrum because you can't have what you want? If you're a cuss-omer and you don't have any babies yet, please don't.

An easy way to spot a cuss-omer is the way they treat people. Tell-tale signs include, but are not limited to:
  • Throwing toys out of their cot,
  • Swearing for no good reason (there is no good reason to swear at a store's employee),
  • Throwing things - your own property or otherwise,
  • Not listening at all,
  • Being ridiculous.
Warning! Customers may turn into cuss-omers at a moments notice, and cuss-omers sometimes pretend to be customers to fool you into being nice before they explode in your face. There isn't any tried-and-tested method to deal with cuss-omers, the best way to handle the situation is by not throwing your toys at them in return.

Oh sweet humanity...

When faced with such regressed beings I prefer to perceive them as though I'm watching Animal Planet. Don't take it personally, because they don't know whom or what to direct their anger at. That's exactly why they throw things and hurt the defenseless inanimate objects around them in their rage. Just back away and watch the show, ducking for cover when necessary...

Yours in writing

02 December, 2015

Life has a lot of meaning!

Therefore the meaning of life must be "A lot"! B) BOOM! Just solved the meaning of life. So! One day you will die, you need to live with it. You can't change that fact, you can only choose how you live. I for one want to have kids and just generally live a fun life before I go.
How great is that? Good perspective on life's problems.
No matter how difficult it is now, you're still alive!
So muddle through the hard times as best you can.
Try to make it interesting and do fun things while you're here won't you? Take some risks for what you want, don't be fearful or hesitant. It's really a shame to waste a good thing. Now when I say that "Life has a lot of meaning", it is really just my personal opinion... Your personal opinion may differ from mine but since you only get one life in your whole lifetime you shouldn't let it go without a fight, you shouldn't take one from someone else, and you should never give it away. In my humble opinion.

For a long while now I've pondered on my mortality and morality, I hate to lie or cheat or steal. If I went against my morality, will that weigh on my conscience for the remainder of my mortal life? They are definitely linked, and not just by 8 letters... Essentially my happiness is directly proportional to my morality because it's just so hard to be happy when you're unfaithful to yourself. I don't want a guilty conscience for even a day. I wonder if other people think about that in the same way?

Clearly not everybody does, since prisons exist and people are so often just nasty for no good reason. In a perfect world they'd all understand what they're doing to others.

Crime and questions

I wonder what is truly right and wrong in the greater scheme of things. Does a bad deed make you a bad person? I don't know, it seems to be such a grey area. Is it wrong to take one life in order to save another? I mean yes it sounds wrong to me, but if you take a life to save your own... Leaving aside human laws and religious input, how would you define good and evil? Perhaps an evil deed in your eyes is fueled solely by naivety in the perpetrator.

Then is naivety evil? Is it forgivable if you something breaks but unforgivable if a person dies because of it? So many questions. I'll get back to them later! Too much thinking, it's making my brain hurt. Well, that's me for today. Stay sane!

Yours in writing

30 November, 2015

Dreams (the sleepy-time kind)

Recently I've remembered my dreams quite often. Although only for a few minutes, I vaguely recall the mind-movies that my sub-conscious creates. My dreams need a new directed... They're always confusing and never have much of a plot!
Search "Dream World". Seriously. There are some cool pictures... B)

The other night I dreamed of alien life-forms and goddesses, in which I could float thanks to the Goddess' power and I became the Hulk to protect my new alien friends. A fierce battle ensued in which my friendly alien buddy protected his family and I wiped the floor with that pesky alien hating army. Wiped them out. Then I cleared away the giant's body that was in the way (no, I don't know where the dead giant came from) and it was a happy ending when I parted ways with my alien friends.
So. Damn. Confusing. But entertaining! I enjoyed that dream :P

I remembered my dream from last night as well. But now I can only remember remembering my dream... After I awoke from my slumber it happened as a glimpse, then 'poof'! Gone from my mind... Forever... Unless something jogs my memory today but I reckon it's unlikely. I also vaguely remember some flying dreams in the last few weeks, which tells me I need to learn to hang-glide before I die! Soaring among the clouds. I hate the gut-wrenching feeling of falling, whether on a roller-coaster or a road that's just too damn steep, so I wonder if I can even manage to build up the courage to fly? Yet somehow it's been consuming my mind recently, it's all I can think of if you ask me what my "dream" is. Perhaps I'll set that as a goal, take to the skies with Puka in the next year.

Okay! Before the end of 2016 I want to have my first flight in a hang-glider. You are witness to this declaration of my goal, if I fail this... Then that will be really sad. Any ideas on a punishment for failure, should I procrastinate for too long?
The guy on the left is the Hang-Glider in which I aspire to fly.
On the right is what Hang-Gliders would call a "Dangler".
Yours in writing