23 October, 2015

Singing in the Shower

Shower shenanigans

"No, It wasn't me singing...
It was the shower!"

Don't worry, this will be family friendly! I love my daily showers. Just soaking in the 'rain' from the geyser, it's great! And I've noticed a pattern in how I shower. I stick to showering in roughly the same temperature until I'm cleaned up nicely. Then if I have time, I turn the temperature up and soak in the extreme heat! If it gets too hot, I turn it down until it's freezing and refreshing! Feels soooo good :D Showers are just so great and relaxing, you can literally feel your worries melt away along with the layers of grime that's been building up since last week's cleansing. The BEST!

Enough about showers!

Human interaction:
I wasn't always such a social bunny! In the past I would hide in front of the T.V. watching anime and playing PlayStation games. Now I like people! There are lots of interesting ones, some irritating poepels, and many nice people! (No, that wasn't a spelling mistake. Just say "Poeple" out loud and you'll know what I mean).

Human interaction makes us who we are. I don't change by myself, the people around me shape who I am. That's why it's so vitally important to be selective of which people you allow to mould you. Even if you don't think they're having an affect on you, trust me, they are changing the way you think and view life. Therefore, I am selective of the people I let into my life! I'm not desperate for friends because I know that if I'm patient and I use caution around new people with how I act and what I say, before I know it the right people will worm their way into my life. Friends are people you can have a symbiotic relationship with. Then you get the parasites! Human parasites, as described by the wiki page you can reach on that last link, are as such: "Examples of parasites in humans include tapeworms and leeches.". Tapeworm and leech people are not conducive to a happy life. I have had some tapeworm and leech people in my life and it never turned out well. So be careful with whom you open your heart to!

Yours in writing

21 October, 2015


The "THINGY!" In question.
I've been feeling a bit Artsy-Craftsy lately. For the last 3-or-so months I've collected disks from old hard drives for something. I didn't have much of an inkling of an idea for what I wanted to do with them, I just wanted them. They're reflective and I like 'em. Don't judge me!

I thought I'd do something with them at some point, and finally I did! I made a thingy to hang from high places :P I don't know what I made, I have seen stuff with the same style but if you recognise it please let me know what it is. Thank you! So I used fishing wire to connect it all, 2 disks (as you can see), a wee little disco ball (seriously, just open your eyes, it's there clear as day), a mysterious oceanic beast's spinal bone, and that blue stone on the right. The stone was a gift from my dear younger sister, the disco ball from my parents, and I found the bone on a beach some years back. Adventuring off on my own if I remember correctly!

I want to make something with this kinda feel
For my next trick, I think I'd like to create a ridiculous mirror of confusion. Yes, that would please me... I shall string the remaining disks together expertly and precisely for the most discombobulating mirror you've never seen. I will put a picture of it on my blog when I succeed!

If you have any other good ideas before I butcher them all, I'd appreciate the input (by butcher, I mean drill them full of holes. That's the idea, then string 'em up). I don't explore this creativity inside of me all that often so I suspect it may turn out fairly ridiculously. But as long as I have fun doing it then there shouldn't be any issues! If you think there is an issue with that, don't tell me! I don't need that kind of negativity in my life.

Yours faithfully in the written word

19 October, 2015

Manga days

Manga are Japanese comic books and novels, aimed both at adults and children. They're actually quite similar to comics really, and (unless they've been mirrored) will be read from right to left. Manga is super entertaining! I don't read much unless I have pictures in-between all the wordy-words, and I indulge in manga for hours upon hours! I lose track of time digitally flipping through the pages until I've read every chapter up-to-date.

What I assume these illiterate students do.
-"Yes! The answer was 'STICK MAN'!"
So I'm not normally an avid reader, I have read only 2 or 3 non-pictured books. Let's see... One was "The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents", and the other one was "Only You Can Save Mankind". Good books, I can still remember a little bit of those stories! To be fair though, I was FORCED to read them! My primary school was afraid that we would advance into High School without having the capacity to read. Yes, you read correctly (if you aren't illiterate). It is apparently possible to pass grade 7 without reading. Personally I found those final exams to have a few too many written words in them, it boggles my mind - perhaps if you correctly guessed the question and drew an accurate picture of the answer, they might mark leniently?

Anyways, I made it to High School and even passed it with flying colors so I'm fine and I read good lol.

Gamer at <3

That great One Piece game is as fun and chaotic in co-op as I'd hoped it would be, I convinced Jess to play with me yesterday. To my joyful surprise, she enjoyed the game as well! I struggled to get both controllers to work at first and I had to play with the tiny Num Pad. Even though I completely lost track of the controls, I still had fun :P I made them both work after that for Mucho Grande Fun times!

Yours in writing