22 January, 2016

The list

In a desperate attempt to get my life organised this holiday season I made a "To-do" list on my arm. Every time I looked at it I remembered what I had just forgotten... My memory often fails me. I even forgot about this blog post that I started last year on lists! When I saw it again it made me remember the list I made on my arm which reminded me of the things I had to do back then. So therefore the to-do was a raging success! I rarely forgot stuff for longer than the time it took for me to glance at my arm once again. I used it back then to remind myself to buy gifts and wrap them, write letters to accommodate the prezzies and... Okay it was a long time ago. I forgot everything else I wrote on the list. But it worked at the time! Trust me, I'm a professional ;)

To-do lists are just so satisfying to comple-zZZZZ

I can do stuff I need done, just like any normal person B) I'm functional and super-cool! Here me now: "To-do lists are the way of the future!"

Speaking of the FUTURE

That box is almost square enough to use for a frame in a comic... That reminds me!

I need to make more comics in it ("it" refers to the future). I'll try to make one each month, which gives me 10 or so days to finish my current one. That should be totally do-able...

And I need to work on creating "Mr. Immortal meets Ms. Death". That can be February if I figure out what to do for it, I think Ms. Death should be a widow :P But the rest I'll figure out without giving more spoilers (for something that I don't even have a rough idea of yet). - Thank you Sean for the idea!

So in the past I've written quite a few 'Deep' posts on my more emotional and controversial topics such as: "The Meaning of Life", "Racism", and "3 is The Magic Number"... Yet, at the moment, I feel no such inclination. My mind is at peace with (most of) the world, and I am content. My emotions ain't stirring and grudges aren't burning. I like this calm! I know it won't last long, things keep changing around me and it's only a matter of time before something rubs me the wrong way. That only makes this peace so much more enjoyable because I know it's fleeting. I hope that you are also able to find peace every once in a while and take in the calm when it sweeps over you, my loyal readers.

Yours in writing

20 January, 2016

A short interlude

Made you read it again and again and again...
And again
Honestly, I thought I would be blogging more during this Christmas/Birthday/Wedding season. Well... Here's my delayed notice that I will be was on Hiatus for a month or so. I know it would've been better if I told you sooner, but I honestly planned to keep writing while I holidayed. But I guess life took over... (yes, I just got distracted)

Boy, that was a good holiday! Here's a breakdown of what I did in that space of time:

  • Lived through every day successfully,
  • Didn't die once! Honest!
  • Drove a lot in one day - leaving at 5am and arriving at 11:30pm (we had many breaks along the way to Wilderness),
  • Ate food,
  • Slept,
  • Went to Christmas with my girlfriend's family,
  • Attended the AWESOME wedding of my sister and Francois on the 8th of January,
  • And started working once again.

I do wish it lasted at least a little longer, though I certainly enjoyed the time that I had with my family and experienced great amounts of joy. T'was the season to be jolly after all! - Tralalalala-lala-la-la

My sister is a married woman!

Breath-taking pictures were captured on the beach.
I'm so proud to be your brother, you look beautiful!
And so do you Caro!!!

I still struggle to understand this concept. She is married, I have a bro-in-law, my mother is now a mother-in-law and MY SISTER IS A MARRIED WOMAN! Oh, I said that twice :O Wow... It blows my mind... And it's really great! If only I could see them more often. I love you my sister :D

Okay! So with this post, I'm back for good. I'll write more regularly again (hopefully) and try not to disappoint my adoring fans (that would be you).

OK bye now...

Yours in writing