03 May, 2016

Keep your eyes and mind open

That sign should be a burnt orange!
Possibilities await around every corner. You hear that kind of thing quite often... People tell you to be careful of letting any grand doors of opportunity go unnoticed. May I be the first one to say that they are hard to spot? I'm never sure what shape they'll take or how to prepare for them. What colour is opportunity? Probably a colour outside of our visual range. Like ultra-violet. Stupid invisible colours! Oh... Apparently opportunity is a burnt orange, Google just told me so.
That's better...
All the little shining opportunities...

Perhaps I'm being too hasty. Maybe if I chill out a little and pay more attention to my surroundings then opportunity will flicker in the darkness like a shy firefly. Then I'll catch it in a bug-net, put it in a jar and observe it as it tries oh so hard to escape my clutches! Muahahaha! Wait, is that how opportunity calls? Maybe not... If I can't fit it into a jar then I'll just have to hold on as tight as I can for as long as possible.

Opportunity is such a funny looking word when you notice it! Ahem, sorry 'bout that - I guess I'd better go and seek out some opportunity now... But first:

Words of encouragement

Jess my beautiful girl, I know that you've been stressed to your limits with all these driving lessons and tests. Remember that I believe in you Jess, and we are gonna celebrate when you have your license! I can't wait to see how happy you will be once you pass. No matter what, remember that I will always love you no matter what. Good luck my girl, go get 'em!

Yours in writing
The designated driver