28 April, 2016


Ah, gossip. Who doesn't love a little gossip here and there? ME! That's who! It irks me to see people talk behind another person's back without a care for the lack of authentication to their words. Do they enjoy spreading conjectures and lies without any confirmation? I see it nearly on a daily basis. If you're so bored with your own life then try to take an interest in sport. The weather. The paint drying on your walls. Gossiping is the most dis-respectful way that I've seen people treat others without a care or concern.

I would rather not talk about anything if the only topic is my neighbor's eating habits as seen by a little birdie. And I'm pretty sure that's the reason I get labeled as an especially quiet person most of the time. Don't get me wrong, the label is correct, I rarely know what to talk about unless I'm around friends. Then I only say inappropriate things half of the time ;) I'm quite awkward in conversation... I don't have a talent for speech, although I find that when I'm writing or typing then the words flow out naturally!
This funny coincidence of random chance deserves a random mention.
So here's a little tip that I picked up on the inter-web for you if you don't want to gossip, but aren't sure when you're doing it: "If you aren't part of the problem or solution, it's gossip." So try to keep your mouth clean, I'm gonna use that quote as a mantra from now on.

On another note:

I'm focusing on cleanliness more-so than ever!

I wrote the following instructional page out in order to keep myself in check, with a little motivation at the end to keep my spirits up:

Since I am a lazy so-and-so whom only brushes once a day and shaves once a week... Well that changes today! (last Monday actually, I'm only writing about it now)

The whole "Exercise" portion (Number 3) hasn't taken affect yet, I'm being a lazy maggot about that. But I'll get there

Thanks for cheering me on! "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" after all.

Yours in writing

25 April, 2016

More scarves

Gotta love dem winter wear! And who wouldn't? Except people that don't like scarves in general I suppose. Or if they have a scarf allergy D: Let's share a moment of silence for such poor souls... Scarf allergies are no matter to laugh at. I used to not like scarves, back when I was a dumb snot-nosed kid. But don't you worry, I got better! I can't wear gloves though. They press in between your fingers like they own the place and touching paper while wearing them is pure torture! That awful sound and feeling of cotton against paper sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it. Not to mention those "One size fits all" lies - SOME OF US HAVE BIGGER HANDS DAMMIT! I never understood such blatant disregard for larger hands. Nor did I get gloves that fit me without riding up my fingers, that was my biggest issue. Gloves suck.
My pillows like scarves too!


Chants are great... Join me! We'll form an angry mob against gloves. Get y'er pitchforks and torches here! Cheap bulk price!

If you happen to like gloves, please consider the negative effects they have on the environment. There are probably toxic fumes that will be released into the air when you realise they suck and need to be burnt. Just a waste of material that could've been used in the production of more scarves...

Some of you are probably wondering why I suddenly love scarves. Well! I'm glad you asked! I really disliked them growing up, since the material pushes your hair in uncomfortable directions and restricts your neck movement if it's bound too tightly. But around a month ago a cold front passed through which made me wonder how I'd walk to work without dying or losing fingers to the frost. So I dug my scarf out of the draw that it's inhabited for the last few years and surrendered my neck to its warm embrace. I've been hooked ever since. So long story short, I don't know - I just like to wear them now. They still feel uncomfortable on my hair and I have to loosen their death-grip on my throat once in a while but I like 'em regardless.
For Jess by special request

Perhaps understanding my sudden love of scarves shall bring me ever closer to finding the meaning of life... Otherwise why would I be writing about them? That must be it. I'm sure I'll figure it out soon. Hopefully it's nothing as simple as wanting to be different.

Yours in writing
Benjamin's Scarf