22 April, 2016

Thick-headed determination

In my (insert post title here), I went out and acquired a packet of cinnamon sticks even though I can't get a Bunsen burner. I arrived at the little spice store in 27 Boxes - Sugar & Spice - just  as they were closing and escaped with R12.50 worth of cinnamon sticks stashed in my pocket. I wouldn't say I stole it, but I was expecting it to cost more so it felt like a steal ;) They never saw it coming! However, I dropped R12.50 into the shop owner's hands in my hasty escape...

Info titbit: 27 Boxes is a neat little new shopping center that opened up in Melville. It's built out of colourful shopping crates and oozes with cultural diversity and creativity. Art, books, food, people... It's quite a nice social gathering spot with plenty to look at.

The glass and ingredients!

The pretty glass, yet again!
When I arrived home I had no trouble finding a glass container for my smellies (anything to do with my room-scenting project shall be included in the category of: "Smellies"). I wanted something clear and open to release nice smells and look good. So I rinsed out my wine glass from Caro's wedding in January and filled it half with water, a few drops of vanilla essence and 2 widdle cinnamon sticks. Very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, and the nose! Yes, my nose has a good sense of aesthetics. The nose knows... So now that it's been a couple days, I'm hoping I'll notice a difference when I get home. As it is, I already feel like my nose is less congested than it used to be.

More news:

That brings me to more news - I used to have a 2 meter long Red Tailed Boa Constrictor! But no more - on Sunday evening her new owner, David, picked her up. He'll be feeding her like 12-15 times more often than I did so she'll be fat and happy there which is a very good thing :) And I won't have any animals for a while. Nope, no pets. Too much guilt when you forget to feed them...

The snake left with all her poop smells too. Nice to find out that I wasn't the bad smelling one in the room! And all this time I thought my dirty socks were at fault. There was also some mold on that terrarium from constant water spills around her bowl, and come to think of it I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to mold. No wonder I've always felt so much healthier when I wasn't in my room :O

Yours in writing
Ben or Benjamin, whichever you prefer

20 April, 2016

Cool moms would...

I had an ingenious, creative and really friken cool idea yesterday. It came into creation when I was thinking: the most effective way to make my room smell nice and fresh with cinnamon and vanilla when it needs a quick pick-me-up has to be the method of boiling the ingredients in water. You can do that to get rid of the smell of cooking fish or just to cover up those putrid kitchen mishaps, so it should work in my tiny room too! I don't have space for a gas stove in there and a 2-plate would look tacky. I considered buying a kettle and putting the ingredients in there but it wouldn't boil long enough. Also, it might make the kettle explode - I've never put stuff in a boiling kettle. Anything could happen. Might create a black hole... Nope, too risky.

So after scratching out the kettle idea, it occurred to me - a Bunsen burner!!! I can put my ingredients into a cute little beaker, light up my Bunsen burner to bring it to a boil and everything's hunky-dorey. But nooOOOooo! My mom won't let me buy one because it's a wee-little bit dangerous. Because it could "Burn the house down" and stuff. Well I say a cool mom would've let her son buy a Bunsen burner and supported his new and fun idea. And who could forget how she ridiculed me on social media... She posted what I said for all her friends to laugh at. You never let me do cool stuff mom! I'm getting tattoos and nipple piercings in a show of rebellion. You don't know me! You don't know nutin'!

Bunsen burners are so neat! When I grow up, I want to be a Bunsen burner

Truth time:

My mom is actually the coolest mom ever. I am genuinely surprised that she wouldn't let me buy a Bunsen burner, I'd be careful with it! I can buy an old metal tray, keep the fiery creation hidden from any irresponsible friends and family... I can be trusted to play safely with fire in my wooden room with wooden furniture, I promise!

Sigh... Well I'm getting one when I move out. And everyone will like it B) Oh, and I won't be getting tattoos and nipple piercings in protest, that was just a joke. Just a tattoo of a Bunsen burner on my butt.

Now you're thinking to yourself: "Is he joking or simply insane?"
WELL!: "I haven't lost my Bunsen mind I say! Fire fire fire, fire fire..."
Sparky spark sparks

Let the sparks fly :D

Yours in writing

19 April, 2016

Scarves! Fashion trends of my neck

I'm rocking them now because scarves are cool. I am a scarf man! I am so infatuated with scarves that I have created an original song in dedication to the cause. Scarf lovers, please join me in salute:

Doooes--- your scarf hang low,
Does it wobble too and fro?
Can you tie it in a knot,
Can you not tie it in a knot?

Can you toss it over your shoulder
Like a real stylish soldier?
Does your scarf- hang- low?

Taken from the Blog: Steph Su Reads
Didn't read the blog, just Googled the pic...
In case you thought I was recommending it.
I just wanted to acknowledge the post!
Stop reading into it! -_-
Sometimes I just ooze originality like a creative pimple. Effective wording is so much fun to use! Especially when I imagine my readers equating originality to popping a ripe pus-filled pimple of "creative juices". Sometimes my sinister side rears it's mean head for no apparent reason, sorry about that. The pimple thing was meant as I joke, I am in no way aiming that at anybody with bad acne and if you found that offensive then shame. Stop getting offended by people that aren't talking about you or your problems. I would hope that you take it as a compliment instead, since I likened your face to a mine-field of creative juice! ...That might have come out wrong too. Apologies.

Nice smells

I prefer to not stink like some of my jokes, but if I'm gonna smell then I hope to at least smell nice and, more importantly, to smell nice things. So I will be attempting to make a cinnamon and vanilla oil perfume thing! I can see the potential for a wonderfully refreshing smelling bathroom but there's no way I'm wasting money on air freshener, so I did a little research and I'm almost prepared. All I need are cinnamon sticks, vanilla seeds or extract, and a method of releasing it in nice smells! How hard could it be? A few methods online seem fairly simple and idiot-proofed so I'll find out what works for me :D (P.S. I said "idiot-proof" but I will need to use the stove, so that's not a completely accurate assessment).
Wish me culinary luck, I'll try to not burn the house down.
Scarves rule!

Yours in writing
Binnjamon - That's my name mixed with Cinnamon, not to be confused with my Digimon name: 'SupAmazingBenjamon'