29 October, 2015

An Evil mastermind from the root

Even Evil-er sounding than him!
I've always known that one day I would find my calling... Yesterday I was an Evil Mastermind! Kind of. A good friend of mine needed a few lines read for an animation project she's working on, and I'm happy to oblige! An opportunity to say silly things with an evil voice? Of course I'd volunteer! So I went to the almost-soundproof store-room in the back of the shop to record my lines. (I say "almost-soundproof" because it's only "sound-proof" if nobody is nearby...)

It was there that I spoke of silly things with great gusto and pizzazz, repeating my lines until I was satisfied with the outcome. Fortunately she was satisfied with my evil voice acting!
P.S. That wasn't my calling. Probably...


I should not be trusted with living things, plants and animals. I have a poor record up to now... In primary school I had a dwarf hamster and it died. I haven't told anyone about this yet but it was the same day I forgot to give it water before I went to school! Maybe it was gonna die anyway, I'm not sure... Do hamsters normally survive one day without water? That was the first and last time I had a hamster.

I've tried to grow a bonsai tree from a seed too. What a failure... Did you know you have to keep the soil moist ALL THE TIME!? Too much effort. Anyway, it dried out and didn't live. Then I got a tumble weed! What an easy plant, it dries up into a ball to reserve it's water when it's dry! I lost it... I think it fell on the floor and got thrown in the trash :(
Mine looks almost exactly
like this one!
Just a little dirtier...

My only 2 successful plants to date are one cactus and an avocado seed. The seed is sitting in a glass jar with water, sprouting a short green stem and white, tendrily roots. My cactus on the other hand lives in a small pot outside, flourishing in the sunlight and complete lack of attention! It didn't need me to begin with, in fact all the careless arms and evil kitty cats did it more harm than good. It even has scars from its captive days gone by, before it attained its freedom in the sun. It is a little hard to appreciate up close since it pokes me when I touch it...

There are actually some other plants I got right, but they're virtual. Doesn't count. Plants Vs. Zombies, for example, and a game I'm playing where you plant pot-plants in pots and sell the fruits. So many successful plants in those games... Yay, real-life virtual success!

Yours in writing

26 October, 2015

Silly Cellphone Games

Some games,
most of which I don't actually play...
Just a good stock image to portray
my topic of games.
The likes of which have you tapping away on your phone for hours. Well, they get me hooked quite easily! I downloaded the Plants Vs. Zombies 2 and Nimble Quest android games (among others) that are so much fun! Maybe even TOO much fun D: Oh, and I got Alchemy which is ridiculously entertaining for such a simple game. You put elements together (starting with Earth, Water, Air and Fire) to create all the wonders of the universe from life, to planets, and even movies! Much fun can be had from this silly game. My friend and I have made around 300 of the 390 items available in this game, sharing our discoveries so that we can win faster! Teamwork B)


What super-power would you have if you could choose one? I'd like to be able to calm people down and make them tranquilly happy with only the sound of my voice. That would be a great power! No conflicts or concerns, just blissful happiness... I hate fights. If I could avoid every single one I probably would, though that's not possible in this world we live in. If you interact with people there will be conflicts! Full-stop! Period! END! OF! SENTENCE!

As humans, we need others in our life (to hold onto our sanity obviously, solitude is completely maddening!). However, to completely understand another human is a near impossible feat. People always have conflicting ideas and ideals, and if you were to find somebody that thought in exactly the same way as you do, you would probably get bored of them. If you really want to talk to yourself then do that. But if you want to have a real conversation then talk to another person. If you are able to have a real conversation with yourself, I suggest you keep that to yourself... People that think like you do are too often mis-understood and locked up in a small room with a hug jacket on :(
"It's a perfect fit! You look all the rage, darl"
A poem for my pretties:
I love my jacket, need my jacket, hug my jacket daily.
I share my jacket with myself and sometimes I'm a lady.
They say my friends inside my head are all a little crazy.
My jacket says that I'm the best, it keeps nice and cozy.

Stay sane my readers
Yours in writing