09 October, 2015

FEAR Can be over-come! But how?

So many people tell you that fear is simply an obstacle to be defeated - that you can show your fears who's boss! I don't know how. Scary things scare me! Not knowing what's happening frightens me most of the time. The idea that something could change my life, no matter how insignificant, is a scary one to have when I don't know how it'll happen. It's got an element of excitement too, but mostly that deep-dark-relentlessly-scary-&-intimidating fear!

I am unhappy with work. (anything I say from here-on-out is something you can not quote me on! Because that could get me into shit. Pretend I'm lying about the following things I say. As my reader, you know that I wouldn't lie to you, right? But for my sake let's pretend I am) I am currently - or not currently - being made to work every other Sunday. (Yes, they ask if I can work, but by saying "No" when no-one else is able to would pretty much be telling my boss-lady that I don't care about the business and I want to quit...). I miss my weekends, this is getting ridiculous! Speaking of fear, I'm afraid I'll leave here before I find another job, and have no income. Scary!!!

I've been reading up on the following website for labour laws. Click here: HERE! <--- Click on that! The one that says "here"! It explains (in layman's terms) the laws by which all businesses in S.A. should be governed. Informative! Haha, you can actually press on any 'here' that you want, I linked them all to the page! Here again, so go check it out there! (yes, I even stuck one into the word "there", since is says 't-here')
The logo of the Department of labour of S.A.

More on fear - and how to "Deal with it."

One or two basic tips on the matter that I may be so bold as to suggest:
  • Remain calm, and think things through carefully. Assess the situation as best you can. Ask yourself: "Is this a rational fear?". If it's not, Deal with it. You don't think it's rational so what's there to be afraid of?
  • If that fear is irrational and you find that you can not Deal with it, you may have a phobia. I can't help with that.
  • And if that fear is crippling, then don't move! Oh wait... You should move! Try to change your angle, see it from a different point of view.
  • Ask for advice from friends and family, they just might have some insight on the matter which can help to pull you through.
Well that's really all I've got, I suck at handling fear. I tense up and freak out, panic and sh*t myself. Not a good role model in this regard.

Although, having said that, here's what always helps me. Support!
My loving family being loving, my caring girlfriend being caring, my nosy friends being nosy! (And ultimately helping me) And really any support where I can find it. So support your family and friends, they need you more than you know.

So tiny and horrifyingly... Pudgy! NOOO!
Run away! Hurry! AAAH!
P.S. Sorry for the super late post, I wasn't in a good place for writing things the last few days.

Benjamin, signing- AAAH! SPIDER!!!

05 October, 2015

Daily battles with fear

As they say: "Scared as an egg"
Something scares me nearly every day. A little or a lot, either way I get frightened easily. For instance! There was a customer that bought a P.C. from me yesterday. Software included, it was a hefty sale. He was happy, we were happy, he left. Early this morning he came in and asked if he could swap his desktop for a laptop. WHY!? Because his wife wanted him to purchase something "mobile"... Leaving aside the fact that he didn't consult his handler prior to buying a heftily-priced P.C., this scared me because I wasn't even sure what to do :1 I told him I'd need to consult the Great and Mighty Boss-lady on the matter.

I know it's a situation that is not riddled with despair or suffering, in the worst case scenario I just have to receive the desktop and book out a laptop. I get scared anyway! Stoopid worrisome brain. I bet I'm just scared of the trouble it'll cause me, thanks to my extreme laziness. Good news is the guy came back, after consulting his handler, and all is well. The solution lay with all their existing mobile devices (e.g. her laptop, their phones and tablets... They'll be fine). He took a WiFi dongle to avoid cluttered LAN cables on the walls and left us as a Happy Chappie. Yay! I narrowly avoided a mildly irritating situation. Smooth B)

To keep some form of consistency for the week, I shall write more on the subject of fear in my next post!

More of a hobby, to be accurate

A sustainable schedule!

You will have to wait for that next post!!! From today onwards I shall aim to update 3 times weekly! Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Why? Because I wanna. Firstly, it's tricky to get a post out every day. Secondly, I need to actually do stuff to blog about! So I'm taking the weekends off too, I get laziest on those 2 days :P

If you have a problem, take it up with life. Life is unfair though... Don't expect to get a friendly response. Life can also be a little b***h at times, so don't take it personally!

Yours truly in the written word,
Benjamin- HOORAH!