17 March, 2015

Ore Twintail ni Narimasu - Anime


Odd, strange, and weird are the 3 words I choose to begin with. It all started at episode 1 - Oh, let's see what this is about! Mitsuka Souji, the twin-tail crazed male protagonist (that's a hair style with ponies on either side of the head - sort of) transforms into a twin-tailed super heroine named Tail Red to save the world's twin-tails from an alien species that lives off of human kind's attributes. "Attribute" refers to your hearts greatest desires.

The English name is: "Gonna be the Twin-Tails!!" which, as far as I know, was no man's dream ever :l Souji is a very special nut-case that will "Go to any lengths to save twin-tails, and he'll save the world while he's at it!"

The further I got through season 1 of this show, the more I realised what strange things I watch.
Fight scenes with hideous monsters that have a thing for dolls and ribbons and large oppai and swimsuits and and and, ending with 1 slash because they are easily distracted by said dolls and ribbons and large oppai and swimsuits AND AND AND! Or because they called the wrong girl flat chested :P

I found it hilarious and naughty (hilariously so), somehow he even gets the whole harem thing going for him. And so I watched it through to the end. Although do not be fooled by the ridiculous-ness of it all, there are strong messages under-lying the whole story. Grand, motivational messages of believing in yourself and following your dreams as far as your strength can take you (lest they be devoured by aliens and you're left in a bland grey world without anything to live for... Because science.).

I recommend this anime for anyone that enjoys a good comedy with loads of fantasy madness, ridiculous plot developments, more ridiculous "Plot" developments and some- no, more than 'some' fan service for 12 crazy roller-coaster-like episodes. I promise, by the end of it all you'll simultaneously be wondering "What in the name of all that is good and holy did I just watch!?" and "WHEN CAN I HAVE MORE!?", or you won't. It's a bit of a coin toss, really! Also... Tentacles. \\\\(*o*)////

Aired: Oct 10, 2014 - Dec 26, 2014

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Untill next time! :}D

Getting to know me...

Getting to know all about me. Well, that might be a challenge. After all, how well can you know someone from what they've written on a blog? I really have no idea, I don't read much (too easily distracted by... everything) but I'll selfishly post here for my own entertainment and peace of mind at the very least.

1. So! The first thing about me. I don't know. It's that simple. I'm not a genius, nor do I pretend to be. My opinions are generally just that - opinions. Lonely factless words accompanied by more lonely factless words, generally making a pretty crowded factless sentence. Hopefully a joyous factless sentence with a few smiles in it. (by the way, fun fact, factless is actually a word. I know, I was also a bit surprised... It sounds surreal (although so does "surreal", 'Sir Real' could be someone's pseudonym- Oh damn, it is! Some musical artist chose the name, probably because it sounds so surreal)) Sorry, got a bit carried away there (bows head in shame).

2. The second thing about me that you should know is that I enjoy anime and games! Which I intend to post a good deal about in the near future!
Now onto something more serious in a quieter, deeper voice.

Yeah- that got your attention. If you can, try to read the next point in the voice of Morgan Freeman:

3. The third thing about me would have to be that I have AS (Asperger's syndrome). I recently did a screening test and it appears I passed/failed the test - I really don't know which wording is more accurate - in that it is more than likely I have AS (AQ score of 33, for those that know the numbers). I'm still trying to figure out what that means to me other than that I'm different to 'normal people' :/ (I type 'normal' in this way because I really don't have much of a concept of the word)

So because of my unique mental state, I see the world differently to others. Or so I'm told. It's really quite head-ache inducing to figure out how, like imagining all the colours a mantis shrimp can see which we can't (because that is how the mantis shrimp do. -look that up, please, zefrank1 on youtube, that guy is legendary).

This makes me diff-abled. No, I don't have a lifp lisp, I say what I mean and I meant what I said. Let me explain. A diff-abled person is simply someone whom is perfectly able to succeed at any task a 'normal' person can complete, but is made to do it in a different way thanks to forces out of their control. People with narcolepsy are diff-abled. People with diabetes are diff-abled. People with symptoms of autism (including AS) are diff-abled.
I am proudly diff-abled, and you should be too! If you are indeed diff-abled in any way.

4. Well now, I'm all out of points to write. That's pretty much all you need to know about me so far.

5. P.S. I made up the word "Diff-abled" and I really hope it will catch on one day :D