20 July, 2015


Three months later...

Hello again my loyal readers, it's been far too long! (3 months and 20 days to be exact...)

Here's what I've been doing in that time. My girlfriend broke up with me soon after my last post and I didn't want to do anything, hence my silence, and we got back together a week later. I then got a new job a little over a month ago at the Matrix Warehouse in Melville so I could leave the restaurant scene behind me and move to the marginally better world of sales! And I broke up with my girlfriend again for reasons. For a time, I was single ;)

My soul, and how I expected
it to leave my body...
As you can tell, my friends didn't destroy me for that awful prank on April Fools. They were generous enough to let me live! Soul in tact! I've also made a new friend, Jess, whom I bonded with strongly and in a very short amount of time, thanks to the miracle of IM's, Whatsapp :) It's so incredibly important to have someone whom understands you and you can share virtually anything with! And thus we are now a couple :P She lives pretty far away but I have a drivers license and a car and a job so I have no excuse not to see her, I get to see her on the weekends!

Recently Steam had their annual Summer Sale and of course I was dirt broke, the R50 I had in my bank account at the time was wisely spent on... LITTLE INFERNO! Such a fun game by the creators of World of Goo, in Little Inferno you just have to burn things. Letters, bricks, planetary bodies, people-like dolls, everything!!! It's a game that just might turn you into a pyromaniac but that's a risk I'm willing to take :P The only real goals are to get combos (like burning a cat with an old lady to get "Cat Lady"), and to burn EVERYTHING! I couldn't stop putting things in the fire until I finished the game close to midnight the same day it finished downloading... It's a very comforting flame.


Chuunibyou in the natural habitat, a world of darkness B)

This is a Japanese word, it refers, in part, to someone that pretends to have dark super-natural powers. I have seen a couple anime involving these character types and I recently clicked that I have at least 2 friends that do the same (No name-dropping). Trouble is, they don't know it makes people shy away, I know they're good at heart and are just looking to make friends so how do I tell them they need to change? And I can only say so much before they get fed-up with me for trying to be a know-it-all smart ass :l Which is what I feel like when I think I know what other people are thinking!


Fear me!
I went with an arbitrary roar to cleanse the mind and change the subject, HELLO! Now let's talk about the deep stuff, I got to spend time with my younger sister that was on holiday recently! Kathryn visited for over a week and it was just positively AWESOME! I've missed her so much :D We watched movies in my room the other night and we went to supper (parents included) which was so epic! We went to the new restaurant in Melville, Pulp Fiction and I give it 2 thumbs up! The food was amazing and the entire experience was just wonderful. And my older sister got engaged, planning a wedding for January the 8th! I'm getting a brother (in law)! But we're already brothers at heart, right Francois? ;)

Such great news and stuff happening :)

Benjamin signing out!