20 November, 2015

It's all fun and games

Until somebody gets hurt... Then it's hilarious! But only if it isn't serious - unless it is really serious but not actually really serious. I think. I'm confusing myself now... What I'm saying is that I have a nasty sense of humour sometimes.

I don't actually take joy from people being in pain, I'm not a sadist or an evil mastermind/alien bent on destroying all humans. I just find funny things funny! So if someone trips on their shoe-laces and falls flat on their face but gets up afterwards, I will laugh. A lot. I might not stop laughing until their face is healed up and I forget about the ordeal. Sorry! But not really. Bwahahahaha!
The Alien I mentioned before. Good game series.
I wouldn't dream of hurting someone, getting them to land on their face intentionally or anything. That would make me a nasty person and I don't want to be nasty... I like being liked and I'm very much a people-pleaser!

How about some poetry...

We copulate and populate, filling all the cracks
Human beings everywhere, saying this and that.
Living to the fullest, or putting others down
Life is short and meaningful, so live it loud and proud.
Live as an example to yourself, the strangers, all
Show them what you're living for to make them want it more.
Peace out (Drops mic.)

Life isn't all fun and games, the world can be a scary place. But that doesn't give you any right as an individual to make it worse for those around you!

Live respectably now!
Yours in writing

18 November, 2015

Memories for a lifetime

Some people have really good memories. As I've stated before, I do not. I can't even remember what I had for breakfast 3 days ago or the hair colours of all my friends. I could take a guess but I don't actually recall the colour of someone's hair or eyes unless I make special note of it. The same goes for faces. If you asked me to give you the description of someone I know then it will likely be missing most of the important features, like if they have a nose or chin? I couldn't say...

I'm so FANCY!
So a good way to record memories would logically be by taking pictures and videos as often as you can! I went for a photo shoot with my girlfriend, her sister, and her sister's boyfriend on Saturday afternoon. I was looking forward to that quite excitedly, since we were all dressing up nice and fancy-looking. Well, kinda fancy I suppose. I wore a black shirt and blue jeans with my best shoes. They're black and formal-looking, and even have quite a heel on them. Gives me that extra inch or 2 so that I can make everyone feel shorter. I'm not short myself so I feel a little bad going up to 6' 3" or however high they make me.

The photo shoot was a lot of fun! I drove all the way to Pretoria to get to the golf course estate which we arranged to do the shoot at. After the sister's photos were taken (so about 1 hour later :P) we had group photos and then couple photos, with a Disney theme in mind for Jess and I. It really was quite fun! Twirling and swirling, sitting and kissing. I'm looking forward to seeing how they come out, and Jess looked positively amazing in that dress with the light make-up applied. I will post a picture here when I have one available :D

Ah yes, memories to keep for a lifetime... On the other hand, I don't carry a camera wherever I go. I don't like pulling out my phone to take a snap shot or interrupting the beautiful moments that I want to capture. I prefer to enjoy them and just struggle to remember them later! And anyway, I don't sit and browse through old pictures often enough for it to be worth while. So I'll leave it as a problem for the older me that might lose his memory, but I'm hoping he/I won't...

A Facebook page for my Blog posts

I made a page on Facebook to promote my blog! So I decided to shamelessly promote my Facebook page here so that you can like it, thereby getting Facebook updates for my new posts from my blog. Please and thank you! I have created this page because I was afraid my only activity on that social network - posting links to this blog - may have been getting on my family and friend's nerves. So I allow my readers to follow me willingly by liking my page instead of forcing it down their throats when they visit Facebook :P

Then I sent requests to everyone on my contact list to like my new page ;) Not forcing down throats, just asking nicely!

Fare thee well.
Yours in writing

16 November, 2015

Cats kill? Can't complain.

This morning I found a present in the bathroom, un-wrapped! Cats are sloppy when it comes to giving Christmas presents.

Firstly. It's mid-November. What the hell, cat! You're a month too early.
Secondly. You couldn't find some wrapping paper to keep the gift in!?
Thirdly. Consumables should be acquired close to the date, or kept in the freezer or fridge so that they don't spoil. Not the bathroom floor...
Fourthly. I don't want a dead bird, none of the humans want a dead bird. We'd be happier with a dead rat or a Parktown Prawn's legs.

So please, cats, put some thought into your little gifts - and just don't. It's better if you just don't. For all our sake's and the tiny animal kingdom, you'd be doing us a favour if you don't kill most of those little critters. Especially the winged ones!

On the topic of dangerous creatures:

Killer Copper Cars

I know what you're thinking. "What? Cars aren't sentient! You're full of nonsense!"
Cars that look like this! BEWARE!

You're only half wrong. Cars can be sentient! I've beheld this with my minds eye, they take on a will of their own... Like Transformers! But with less of the 'All Spark' and more of the 'Grudges of a thousand Souls wrongly accused in the past!'. So be careful fellow drivers, they look just like cop cars. They flash their flashy blue and red lights with their sirens on and indicate for you to pull over. When you've parked on the side of the road they turn off the sirens and lights and lie in wait... Slowly your impatience grows, until you decide it was some kind of mistake. But as soon as you start driving-BEE-BOO-BEE-BOO!!! So you pull back to the side and wait. When you've finally gotten irritated enough that you get out of the car to ask them what they want with you, BAM! Hit-and-run. So please. PLEASE! Don't step out of the vehicle, it's safe in there. Cop cars are evil and filled with malice. Don't become a victim of Authoritayis-vehiculeious murder. Be cautious of the authoritay.

Stay safe folks!
Yours in writing