16 April, 2016

That special spark, and drawing puns

Everyone probably has something that they thoroughly enjoy doing. Maybe my passion is drawing? I get seriously pumped up when I'm drawing something I like. I find that the hours slip by with a pencil in my hand, and I reach a peaceful calm state whilst I swipe my hand in all directions. Also, it's really fun to duplicate shapes and textures. Once in a while I actually get the result I wanted to begin with!

So, for those of you that would like to see what my significant other looks like, I have drawn a picture and attached it below the paragraph that you're reading. Yep, that's the one! But finish this paragraph before you get too drawn in, don't skip ahead! She just might hate me for posting this so publicly, or she'll love the show of devotion. It's a bit of a coin toss right now, search comments for the final verdict... (Jess, please post a comment. Otherwise I'll just look silly)

Your eyes drew me in the most Jess, so I drew them in to return the favour.
I'm really very proud of it. It's the first time that I've drawn from real life and I'd like to develop my skills far enough to fix all the problems I'm finding in this drawing. I won't pin-point them to you, you can make your own reviews of my talents (or lack there of if you're that pessimistic, just don't tell me you think so. I choose to believe that I'm more than okay at this ;) Negative comments will be ignored and/or removed).

Thank you for feeding my desire by reading yet another blog post of mine, all these page views are great ego builders! For your efforts I have rewarded you by attaching the original image. The source of my inspiration, my beautiful muse, Jess:
The original masterpiece, photographed by a pro. Sorry for cutting your face in half  Kelly!

Until next time, brave readers (Be careful of the spidersharks during your web surfing)
Yours in writing

14 April, 2016

Our Gorgeous cat

Our kitty, Gorgeous as he is, can be a little strange sometimes. Firstly, he seems to love me (quite a lot) for some reason. I give him very little attention yet he follows me everywhere...

But I think the strangest thing he does is when he tries to kill his food. He doesn't get fed live rodents, nor recently deceased pests! I give him pellets in the morning and he shakes them violently without fail each and every time. I don't understand why you do this Gorgeous!

Exhibit A! And I don't think he's gonna even pick that up -_- since it's soapy

So we have 2 and a half cats in my home. Gorgeous is the fluffiest and biggest, and I think that he's the most loving.

Then we have 13, and she's Gorgeous' mother. A much thinner, smaller grey cat.

And lastly, there's Stratus. I count her as half a cat (which is quite generous a number) because she mostly lives with the neighbour. She isn't even around most days, since she gets tinned cat food with the neighbour and his house has 100% less dogs most of the time. But we don't blame her, I mean she's super old and needs to look after her 3 remaining teeth as best she can. But I at least get a glimpse of her desperate meowing mug when I arrive home... She doesn't leave the roof, but somehow wants my attention. I don't climb that well Stratus, nor can I jump like your decrepit old body can. For shame... I'm so much younger, yet I lack the youthful energy needed to even jump onto my roof.

Insert Abrupt Ending Here:
Yours in writing

12 April, 2016

The new poopy and background pictures

Who doesn't love a poopy? Sure it makes a mess, chews stuff up and poops on the carpet (when the door's open. Every time.) but it's super cute! And she has the tiniest little needle nails. So cute... But so painful! Recently I got a picture of her turning my dirty laundry pile into a bed and, after walking to the kitchen later, found out that she left a trail of said laundry back to my room. Trail of bread-crumbs I guess? I didn't bother to find that specific picture and post it since she is a ball of darkness and you could only slightly see her eyes in the blackness of fur.

Cute Fluffy Darkness

Then yesterday I got the opportunity to clean up shredded kitchen towel! Oh boy oh boy oh boy, that was soooo much fun! In hind-sight, I should've left it there and maybe the poopy would've pooped directly and conveniently on said kitchen towel... That would have been lovely :) I can't wait to get my own poopy when I move out.

- Truth time now guys, I don't want a poopy when I move out. I might think differently later in life, but right now the un-pooped floors are my current best friend. They smell so much nicer than dog poop.

Time to point out the obvious...

I changed my background picture! If you hadn't noticed, then you must be new and/or using the mobile version of my site that doesn't show you the background at all. Therefore, I forgive you. So to explain the pictures that you see, they are ones I've drawn over the years and put into a convenient collage. Some of them are from my high school days and are therefore very amateur, my apologies if they hurt the eyes from awkwardness and/or your own very high standards of what body proportions should be. If I say there doesn't need to be enough space for a brain (or that it should be square) then who are you to judge?

P.S. I don't think they look anatomically correct, I just lacked the practice and skill back then to do any better. I still do I suppose. My proudest ones are the skulls, Naruto, the winged kids and the kicking girl. Those ones took many hours and I felt satisfied with the results.

I plan to draw a strip that I can place behind the title and intro soon too!

Yours in writing