27 November, 2015

Dreams (the Goal-orientated kind)

What are my dreams in life? I don't know if I really have any of my own... Well here's what I want out of life in the next 10 years or so: To be happily married and have kids, and I'd like to be paid lots while working less. I don't dream of travelling the world, though I do have interests in learning how to scuba dive, fly a hang-glider and that's pretty much it. I wouldn't call that a dream I guess, more of a curiosity/interest.

I think I would also like to go to America for a while. That could be a lot of fun, spending time with my grand-parents as well - Puka and Grammy. If they'll have me :P

From looking at other people, dreams appear quite motivational. A goal to work towards that you can use to better yourself and even endure harsh times for. How do you give yourself a dream though? Is it as simple as deciding to give your all for something you really want? Then is somebody able to crush your dreams, or are you the only one in control? I am not sure. I know little about dreams, I just want to get rich and retire young somehow... So this post isn't a motivational one, I guess what I want to tell you all is to not let others get you down. You decide your fate in my opinion, work towards what you love. I'm going for the gold prize of retiring soon, just try your best to do what you love because that will make you happy.

If you have goals, go for them and if you have dreams, just keep dreaming until they become reality (by which I mean to keep your dreams on your mind and use them as your drive). Nobody knows your life and ambitions better than you do, so don't let others decide what's best for you.

My last word of advice would be to use caution in differentiating between dreams and interests. If you're interested in something but aren't certain it is attainable, keep it on the back-burner for now. Focus on manageable tasks. You could always decide it really is your dream to become an astronaut later in life :)

Most importantly of all, don't confuse life-goal type dreams with sleepy-time dreams. You won't fly if you jump off a building no matter how much you believe in fairies...
Don't do it Timmy!
Yours in writing

25 November, 2015

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

That's what today is. It just so happens to also be a Wednesday! You know what that means? It is the middle of the week. So! International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, from here-on referred to only once more as IDEVAW. I won't mention the acronym more than twice in this post. I recently received a flier and information sheet for "16 Days of Activism for no Violence Against Women & Children" which takes place from today until International Human Rights Day on the 10th of December.
Yes, remain calm

So I would like to say a few words on the matter, hence this blog post has been brought into existence... To start off with, I used to be a children myself. But more importantly, I have children cousins and they are adorable! And I have a lovely woman in my life that has my heart, as well as women sisters, a woman mom, my other-mother, and many more women in my family. I love them all, and I'd like to say that if anyone would dare to hurt them then they'd get to see a nasty side of me that even I haven't seen.

All humans should be thinking the same thing in my opinion. There is no excuse for violence or abuse against any other person, whether they be a woman, child or man. To treat another human with no respect or as an inferior creature really shows others what kind of degraded scum you are, because only something less than human can take joy from another person's suffering.

Well, that's all I'll say on the matter for now, I don't want my emotions to interfere with the humorous style of my words! I kid, I kid... This is an important matter that I urge everybody to think long and hard about. If you know of someone that is abused inside or outside of any relationship, by any stranger or any family member, it is up to you to report it.
Do it! Stand up and make a difference.
Alrighty then my readers, have a lovely IDEVAW day. Always keep your eyes open to what's happening around you. Being a child should not be a scary thing...

Yours in writing

23 November, 2015

Trapped like a rat


The time had come once again. Dad looked at his little calendar, hoping it was not so- but it was indeed the first of the new month. As our tradition dictates, it had to be the last born...

So we bathed him under the leaking faucet to cleanse and prepare him. We tried to skip the bathing once but the Gods were dis-pleased, taking 2 others with the fumes before the fire died down at last. Their lungs were too small to handle that thick smog...

Number 9 was now ready for the ceremony. (Mom and Dad didn't want to get too attached so they chose those kinds of names for us. I was Number 7)

10 at night, we gathered at the holy altar of metal and plastic to receive the blessings of the Gods. We were ready, but were we prepared? We'd done this dozens of times, we knew the procedure! We had lost so many to the blue flames, piercing our eyes each and every time... Our hearts were forged in steel. We should not have been swayed after all this time, yet we wept...

Number 9 looked confused, wondering why we were in a circle. Behind cover. Wearing our little glasses, prompting him towards the cheese-coated plastic in front of him. He never was a bright one, that Number 9... Dad looked down to his little watch and whispered under his breath:

"Oh Gods of ours, whiskered and laden with thick golden fur, supply us with what we need for survival. All we ask for is simply enough, slithers of food and plenty of luck. Keep the giants, clawed and flat-footed away. Let the cheese not be poisoned, the left-overs safe..."

Then in a thunderous voice: "GO NOW NUMBER 9! EAT THE CHEESE OF VALHALLA!!!"

With a chomp of those mighty jaws, our little Number 9 had a hasty passing. I believe it is best that he did not know this was coming, all lit up like a Christmas tree. I have only heard of such behemoths though, Dad says that the giants use them to pray to their own Gods. With the sacrifice of poor little Number 9 perhaps some day I, too, shall get a glimpse of this awe inspiring 'tree' of plastic and metal...

It was at this same time that Barbara noticed the lights dim for a split second. "Stupid electrician, botched up the wiring!" - she thought to herself while watching her favourite soapy on the telly. This small inconvenience had no lasting effects on Barbara.

RAT-a Paws, the
spirit-animal of Christmas.

Well, um... Don't do drugs! Or you may come up with things like this 0_O (P.S. I wasn't doing drugs when I wrote this, I'm just strange).

To clarify, this story is about a family of rats in a roof. I know it may have been a little confusing but please bear with my need for subtlety even if it hurts with all the confusion... Barbara is a human that lives in the house below the rat family and she enjoys her television shows.

Yours in writing