13 November, 2015

3 is the magic number

I couldn't keep to a schedule to save my life. Perhaps if I got paid to only write new posts I could get that right, so for now you can just be happy that I'm posting more-or-less than 3 posts a week :P It is just so hard to stick to a deadline. So many school projects suffered thanks to that trait of mine... Actually, I probably had less than a 50% success rate in completing projects :( Well that's in the past. Besides - I didn't enjoy most of those subjects much anyway. The worst part was not being paid to do the things I don't like, since I started working it's a lot easier to write Emails and speak in front of strangers, I do it daily without issue. Well, without many issues...

So with Christmas right around the corner, I can't be the only one excited for my birthday, right? There'll be fireworks, cheering, birthday resolutions made for the new year... Yip, my birthday is an important day! Most people will be celebrating New Year's day, but not me! :P I'm curious as to hear what other people are excited for at the end of the old year and beginning of the new year...
Christmas COW!
I mostly look forward to seeing all my family and friends around the Christmas tree and enjoying the sights of Wilderness (where we all congregate for fun times), all the out-door activities we can do there, opening presents, and this year is especially special because of Caro's wedding :D I wonder what I'll wear? Jess already brought a stunning black dress, so whatever I choose won't compare. I guess I'll strut my T-shirt and shorts since there's no competition anyway :P

Don't worry, I'm just kidding! I'll prepare some kind of suit or something...

Lucky number 13

I see 13 as my lucky number, mostly just to spite everyone that gets superstitious easily. And besides, it has the number 3 in it! The magic number of posts per week, Magic 3. So mysterious... In fact, there are only 2 whole numbers in existence that don't have '3' in them! 1, and 2. every other number has 3. 4 = 3+1, BAM! Magic number 3. That same principal can be applied to any number above 3, just in case you were wondering.

So Happy Friday the 13th!
NOT a holiday for some reason...

Yours in writing

12 November, 2015


It's the end of the world as we know it,
It's the end of the world as we know it,
It's the end of the world as we know it,
And I feel dry...

The world shall end not with a bang, but a water-less, crackly whimper...

That's right folks - there is drought in the air. I don't know how many days I've gone without a bath... Thank goodness I can shower every week! Seriously though. We didn't have water for nearly 2 whole days and I thought I was going to die :'( I felt so filthy because I couldn't shower on Tuesday evening like I normally do. I live for those weekly Tuesday showers... Not having running water is enough to drive you mad!

Well, with the drought and my random rants. That will probably drive you crazy rather soon. So now I'm treating the water that we do have with a great deal more respect, you're taught a little humility when you realise how lost you are without it. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, they say... And since you are made up of an astonishing 70% water, you get pretty fond pretty fast.

Speaking of distance

I really need to talk to my dad and sisters! I feel like a bad sibling-son when I don't talk to them for so long, why do I suck so much when it comes to keeping contact? I would like to take this time and space to send a shout-out first to my dad, thank you for being so great and raising me so lovingly. Then thank you Carol for marrying my dad and making him so happy. Thank you Kathryn for being the best (little) sister in the world, and I'm so proud of you for studying so far from home and your beloved family (I mostly mean me ;) but our parents too). Thank you Caroline for being the greatest (also little but older) sister in the world! Of course you also make me so proud, what with you having your own place in such a beautiful area and getting married. I am soooo excited for that. And lastly but not leastly, thank you Francois for bringing joy to my sister's heart. bro. Okay I think that's it for the shout-out, so lastly I just want you all to know that I love you! Even if I don't call every day. Or week. Or month... I do think of you all, I promise :)

As my beautiful girlfriend quoted on her blog, "Ohana"! (for those of you that don't know, Ohana means family. And family means no-body gets left behind, or forgotten)
- Thanks Jess
Yours in writing

10 November, 2015

I don't want to set the world on fire!

Fatal I say! Now go wear something else...
I promise! But I like change. If I have the choice to do something completely different to what I'm doing now, I'll probably take the opportunity. For example, I was waitering. Now I'm not waitering anymore! Because I got the chance to do something else. To be fair, I actually hated waitering by the end of it... I'm looking forward to moving out as well, and having a place to myself. Well, out of my parents' house. That is an exciting idea, funds are the only issue at this point. I need a better paying job, or I need my job to pay better.

The power which the past holds over me

I don't think about the past often and I don't dwell on it. Just as I've been a waiter, I took the life lessons away from doing that and I implement the skills that I've acquired for doing better in my current job. I even use those people skills in every day social interactions, they're built into my sub-conscious! I don't think about how I'll greet people like I used to, or worry about calling up businesses for things and talking to strangers. If someone acts negatively or aggressively to me I'll deal with the situations as they arise. In my opinion, to truly accept change you need to let go of what you had before. You can't live in the past and still enjoy what you have in the now!

I may be a special case though. I have lived a fortunate and privileged life, that's true. I thank the heavens for that blessing. So I don't think of the past much... In fact I often find myself forgetting things that used to be important or relevant to me after just a few weeks, as though my mind decides that there is more important info to record. A distant example would be the hamster that died when I was younger! I heard from my friend from way back then that I cried for the poor thing and had a burial! I did NOT remember that, I only remember finding it lifeless in its cage-thingy.
If you view life as a book :P
Remembering sad or saddening things is not in my skill set. Recently someone very close to me told me that she doesn't think she's beautiful because of what bullies told her in the first 3 years of school. I can't wrap my head around why that still bothers her, I was bullied too in school but that was a lifetime ago! No really... I don't mean I've gotten old, perish the thought! But I've completely changed. As humans, we change to survive! Day to day, year to year, we change our thinking and undergo physical changes as well. I used to be tiny and adorable, I hated work and I didn't talk to people because they scared me. Today I have some great friends that I can depend on to the end, I got tall and less adorable, and I talk to people a lot! Every day! Well, almost every day... I still hate having to work, but I have accepted it as a necessary evil. Because I like buying nice things :D

So what hold do those sad children have from 10 or 15 years ago? Absolutely none! They didn't even insult me, they insulted a scared little kid whom was insecure about his intelligence and looks. They were mean to someone else, even if that person was in my body. So hold your head high, nobody is the same person that they were yesterday!

Go forth now human, and be confident in your path no matter the hurdles you face! 

Yours in writing