15 December, 2015

Creativity comes in bursts

A while ago I wrote something like 7 blog posts in one weekend. SEVAAAN! Then yesterday I had writer's block. Oh fragile mind, why do you maketh me struggle so!?

Charlie the 'Dream Machine'

I work with a Charlie. Kinda... His name is close enough to Charlie that I deem it fair to call him a Dream Machine. It's also close enough to Carl that I can say "But Carl, that kills people!" in a drawn-out naggy voice as though I were a Llama (in a hat). I have methods to my madness, I assure you! For those of you that don't know, there are ridiculous Youtube videos that you can watch to explain all. "Charlie the Unicorn" and "Llamas with hats". They have provided countless hours of entertainment, largely due to my friend 'almost-Charlie' not agreeing with being called a Dream Machine. He protests to the point of amusement. Mostly my amusement... :P Click on those links, I'm not going anywhere. But I am waiting...
The moment before everything went wrong. Just click on that link and watch it.
If your sense of humour isn't dark or twisted like mine, even a little bit, please don't blame me for making you watch Llamas with hats. They are hilarious unless you don't think so... Now! Creative bursts. You really build up a longing if you don't do creative stuff once in a while. Well - you do if you're me, because I do... So then I write, draw or do random creative things.

Building up to Christmas now, all this hype, 'almost-Carl' has gone on leave. That just leaves 'pronounced-kneel' and I alone some for a bit to manage the store. (I am omitting his real name for colleague confidentiality but to give you an idea his [or her] name is pronounced "kneel")
"That kills people!"
I don't know why you're still not watching it...

This is fine, but my friend 'almost-Charlie' was my primary source of entertainment. The crude jokes and inappropriate remarks throughout the day were a refreshing break from the usual stern professionalism which we uphold most of the time but not really... It's only been 4 hours of working without him but I can tell it'll be a long 2 weeks with him gone. For you 'almost-Carl': "Hello from the other side!". Have fun without us. I'm gonna call a thousand times. Cheers bro...

('Almost-Charlie', stop reading here!!!!!)
PSST! Don't tell 'almost-Carl' that I'm actually jealous of him being on leave, he'd enjoy that too much! I'd rather not give him the satisfaction.

Happy holidays everyone!
No way! Me too! I don't like doing that either. Good llama!
Yours in writing