11 December, 2015

Mr. Immortal

I need a logo for him. At the moment it's
just an "I" for Immortal...
The least bothered super hero in history. He is, after all, immortal! And I'm only drawing him in 4-panel comics so far. Okay! So he basically just doesn't care about much because he lives in the endless expanse of time. I don't yet know how he got this super power but he's quite a depressing fellow because of his little "Super-power" problem.

I have realised that people generally have a focus on a particular theme and set of characters for these comics. It gives the reader a sense of familiarity which eases the humor by giving you insight on the character's personality. So I have Mr. Immortal! I am almost done with my first comic strip, which I hope to release here on Monday. Look forward to it! I have no idea how it will turn out. I'm pretty sure I have a lot of room for improvement though :D

And when I release it then everyone has to give me their honest first impressions! And no dilly-dallying, that feedback is important for the next comics ;) Today is a good day. A Friday, if you will. I love weekends!

Nah, I wasn't really going anywhere with that. Not being random or anything, it just happened... Okay, so I don't know what to write about now. Work's kind of slow lately with the odd rush here or there but I haven't had one of those days for a while. It really looks like everyone's gone off on holiday lately, I can't wait for my leave in January! I'm going to Wilderness on the 3rd or 4th and staying 'til the 11th, it's gonna be amazing! I'm getting more and more excited as your wedding draws closer my sister. Might also have something to do with Christmas, New Year, my birthday and taking a week off work. Among other things... This is gonna be a rockin' holiday :)

I'm wishing for a white Christmas!

Just like the ones I've heard about...

It would be nice if it snowed for Christmas this year. That would probably also be some sort of natural disaster since I'm sitting in 30 degrees of hot and sweaty right now... End-of-the-world omens and what-not. But nice!
Run little guy, run like the wind were carrying each individual snow flake that makes up your being!
And if there were a strong gust on which to ride... Mmmm, Strawberry slushy...
Yours in writing

09 December, 2015


What he said B)
That big "NO-NO!" in all of our lives. I think the word "Racism" is over-used, since it is simply an idea that's been given a word. A word of 6 letters that resembles so much hatred and bigotry. If everyone would just stop using it I'd be so happy. People are judging and excluding others that claim to be racist, because they judge and exclude people they're racist towards... I think it's gone too far for too long. We all bleed red and we all live only one life on this huge rock hurdling through space.

Facts of racism

  • Racism is judging people based on their skin colour.
  • Racism is the act of being biased specifically towards a person's race.
  • When hearing a racist remark, you often hear the words "Not to sound racist but..."
  • Saying "Not to sound racist but..." is racist no matter what it is followed by. For example:
"Not to sound racist but I don't trust that black-ish yellow person" - Racist
"Not to sound racist but that is a funny shaped sweet potato" - Racist
"Not to sound racist but would you please pass the salt" - Also Racist
"Not to sound racist but what's the answer to number 6?" - Possibly racist... If the question is "Name 3 states in America" or "What is Pi squared?" then they are both racist. Because you started with "Not to sound racist but..."

I would be lying if I said that I don't judge people on how they look. I'm no saint, if someone looks untrustworthy then I assume that they are untrustworthy. No matter how unfairly I'm judging them, I can't help it. I also don't trust people I can't smell. Strange right? Well I don't mean people that have no scent, I mean the ones I have to back away from. People I can't stand to smell. When the stench is great, I stand back. That goes for cigarette smells and the un-bathed masses, the smell drives me away, with the exception of my smoking family members. Even if you don't shower every day, I love you guys...

I judge you all -_- Daily!
So when it comes to my personal views, I don't think I'm a racist. I judge black, white, asian, coloured, blue, green people... I judge them all in the same way. If you look violent, un-kept or dodgy in any way then you will be judged negatively. And if you stink. I don't appreciate the stink... On the other hand - if you smell good, look washed, or carry yourself confidently, I will judge you positively and expect great things from you. I get judged quite often too, it's easy to tell when people are making judgements and it's human nature. By judging your surroundings you are able to better prepare for the worst, but for goodness sake please keep those judgements to yourself. Nobody wants to hear it. Judge in silence! Happy judging in this joyous season of merry-making my dear readers...

Yours in writing

07 December, 2015

Amusement at a price


Ignore the rubik's cube. A rubik's cube
would imply that you have to think.

Bored, not much work to do, let's browse 9GAG! Laughter, jokes, popular internet memes, YAY!
(Later that day, after some time ticks by...) Oh! 9GAG updated! Check Facebook posts, what's happening folks?

I'm sure I'm not the only one that gets swept up in these things, right? I try not to let it make my work suffer and I can easily go days without straying off the straight and narrow path, but all I need is a morning with a slow work-load to entice me to some cheap entertainment and I sink into the pit of silly jokes and overly used punch lines. I feel much better about using my time to write up new blog posts, but 9GAG and Facebook allow me the freedom of not thinking much. Time flies when you aren't thinking...

Oh right! Back to writing. So I am easily amused, that's a fact. Simple things amuse my mind, like silly jokes and small fun games. Sometimes I catch myself doing absolutely nothing in "Standby" mode, just staring into nothing-ness. That happens a lot and it really confuses people... Hahahahaha, I love it!

So the "Price" I mentioned in the title would refer, I suppose, to wasting time doing something silly. Not loads of time necessarily, but time you could be using more wisely. For instance, ending war in the Middle-East. I mean really people? Your country needs you! Forget 9GAG! It helps no-one! Alternatively you could study or be working. But it's not my place to judge... If you want to browse 9GAG or social media platforms all day then go for it, and please don't call me a hypocrite because I'm doing the same. Thanks in advance...

How far I've gotten right now...

On a side note

I'm starting a web-comic! I might post them on this Blog, but I have no due date for you yet. I'll release the first one in the next 2 weeks if I don't lose an arm before I finish it. Nothing fancy, just a four-panel comic (more-or-less) about my super-hero, Mr Immortal. It will be arbitrary with a dark sense of humour... Look forward to it! That's it for me now, have a lovely day!

Yours in writing