08 April, 2016

What's happening in my life?

Since I'm writing posts about me and the going-ons of my day to day life, and my most common reply to "What's new with you?" is "Meh..." (unless I've written a new Blog post - in which case the answer will be "I updated my Blog! Read it -_-") I find myself trying to recall what I did yesterday, or anything interesting that happened to me recently.
Gotta stop eating that Unicorn poop...

I doubt that people want to know about how badly I gagged on my tooth brush yesterday morning or how I nearly slipped on a dusty tile and nearly split my head open in the process. Don't worry! I just kicked a desk and regained my footing, and I lived. No... The stories I tell should be grand and keep you on the edge of your seat! Or better yet, make you fall OFF your seat laughing! I want to tell stories that baffle the mind and mystify the soul. I shall settle for nothing less!

Pictures Per Post

So, to the mystifying. What would be the perfect number of pictures in a Blog post? In my experience I'd have to say '2'!
Person A: "But why is it 2 Ben? What logic supports this most arbitrary number? How much research went into this? Personally, it sounds a little fishy to me. I'm starting to think that you made it up again! You appear to do that a lot, you know... Did you even Google it and read the first article you could find?"

My response: "Shut it Person A, you're just a figment of my imagination! I thought you up for the sole purpose of proving my point and you just side-tracked me from my all-important subject about pictures. That's it, I'm erasing you from my memory. Be gone!"

Person B: "That wasn't very mature Ben. Also, it didn't work! Person A has melded into my being and I, Person B, have now reached a higher state of being! Soon I shall be stronger than you and become the dominant existence in your mind. Just you wait, Benjamin Bankart, just you wait..."

Me again: "Ha! I know exactly how to destroy you, feeble mind creation! I know where you live!" - (Maniacal laughing ensues)

-Ouch, my head! Did it work? I'll find out when the ringing stops :)

Back to the topic:

I usually put 2 pictures on a post so I choose 2 as the answer!
- And that's 1 more of life's greatest questions... ANSWERED

Yours in writing
Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben
Manly- Ben, Ben, Ben
(From the show Two and a half Ben)

06 April, 2016

16 and 2 quarters

So we're in the 2nd quarter of 2016. I have been sufficiently lazy to fill my quota this year (please don't judge my quota of laziness)... Truth be told, I just finally have enough co-workers again to slip some blogging time into my busy schedule. Things are going well with yours truly, and I scooped up my scattered brain enough to reach out in my long-distance relationship. I find it hard to stay in contact with people far away, just ask my dad and sister! And please let them know that I'm thinking about them. So I Emailed Jono, off on mission for his church, and he appears to be very busy indeed. He hasn't replied, which is likely because he's always doing stuff (he said so in his weekly updates), but as long as he's noticed that I'm thinking about him then I am glad :)

Speaking of Jono, he gets back in only 9 months! 2 years go by slowly if you keep looking at the time. Like a boiling pot. Jono, you are my boiling pot! And when you get home and read this, you will remember how crazy your friends are. If you forget then we might feel emotionally hurt and we will have our revenge!!!
So THAT'S how it works!

I'm just joking everybody :P I'm not psycho, just a little on the crazy-fun side but not too-crazy over-the-top. Like scary crazy! I'm not scary crazy. One of my co-workers would likely disagree, but that's only because he doesn't share my sense of humour and he thinks I may be a mass-murdering psychopath - just because I smile broadly for no reason sometimes.

Setting unrealistic standards

I realised that I'm doing that for myself. Every time that I posted a well made and thought provoking blog post then I would get great feedback... I have come to realise that the positive feedback makes me only want to use my time posting thought provoking and intellectually challenging content, otherwise it's a waste of time. Now the thing about those great posts is that they come naturally and NOT when I'm wracking my brain about making new original greatness.

Look at that thing!

Back to my roots!

What is my Blog called? "Who I am". I didn't call my blog "Mr Inflated ego" or "What I want people to see me as", so I need to write about ME and MY needs. Otherwise I won't write anything from the guilt of my unrealistic standards. Which led me to think that people really do set unrealistic standards in their own lives and for people around them, but I won't go into detail for that topic now...

Yours in writing