22 April, 2016

Thick-headed determination

In my (insert post title here), I went out and acquired a packet of cinnamon sticks even though I can't get a Bunsen burner. I arrived at the little spice store in 27 Boxes - Sugar & Spice - just  as they were closing and escaped with R12.50 worth of cinnamon sticks stashed in my pocket. I wouldn't say I stole it, but I was expecting it to cost more so it felt like a steal ;) They never saw it coming! However, I dropped R12.50 into the shop owner's hands in my hasty escape...

Info titbit: 27 Boxes is a neat little new shopping center that opened up in Melville. It's built out of colourful shopping crates and oozes with cultural diversity and creativity. Art, books, food, people... It's quite a nice social gathering spot with plenty to look at.

The glass and ingredients!

The pretty glass, yet again!
When I arrived home I had no trouble finding a glass container for my smellies (anything to do with my room-scenting project shall be included in the category of: "Smellies"). I wanted something clear and open to release nice smells and look good. So I rinsed out my wine glass from Caro's wedding in January and filled it half with water, a few drops of vanilla essence and 2 widdle cinnamon sticks. Very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, and the nose! Yes, my nose has a good sense of aesthetics. The nose knows... So now that it's been a couple days, I'm hoping I'll notice a difference when I get home. As it is, I already feel like my nose is less congested than it used to be.

More news:

That brings me to more news - I used to have a 2 meter long Red Tailed Boa Constrictor! But no more - on Sunday evening her new owner, David, picked her up. He'll be feeding her like 12-15 times more often than I did so she'll be fat and happy there which is a very good thing :) And I won't have any animals for a while. Nope, no pets. Too much guilt when you forget to feed them...

The snake left with all her poop smells too. Nice to find out that I wasn't the bad smelling one in the room! And all this time I thought my dirty socks were at fault. There was also some mold on that terrarium from constant water spills around her bowl, and come to think of it I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to mold. No wonder I've always felt so much healthier when I wasn't in my room :O

Yours in writing
Ben or Benjamin, whichever you prefer


  1. Oh my goodness. Mold and poo smells. I think it's a very good thing your starving snake has found a new home. :'D

    Also, what a beautiful receptacle for your smellies!

    And also, you didn't put your blog post title in the first paragraph. :P You may want to pop that in there quickly. :'D

    Love you brother!

    1. It's too late for that now... What's done is done ;) Would've been really funny if I did that intentionally though, right!?