20 April, 2016

Cool moms would...

I had an ingenious, creative and really friken cool idea yesterday. It came into creation when I was thinking: the most effective way to make my room smell nice and fresh with cinnamon and vanilla when it needs a quick pick-me-up has to be the method of boiling the ingredients in water. You can do that to get rid of the smell of cooking fish or just to cover up those putrid kitchen mishaps, so it should work in my tiny room too! I don't have space for a gas stove in there and a 2-plate would look tacky. I considered buying a kettle and putting the ingredients in there but it wouldn't boil long enough. Also, it might make the kettle explode - I've never put stuff in a boiling kettle. Anything could happen. Might create a black hole... Nope, too risky.

So after scratching out the kettle idea, it occurred to me - a Bunsen burner!!! I can put my ingredients into a cute little beaker, light up my Bunsen burner to bring it to a boil and everything's hunky-dorey. But nooOOOooo! My mom won't let me buy one because it's a wee-little bit dangerous. Because it could "Burn the house down" and stuff. Well I say a cool mom would've let her son buy a Bunsen burner and supported his new and fun idea. And who could forget how she ridiculed me on social media... She posted what I said for all her friends to laugh at. You never let me do cool stuff mom! I'm getting tattoos and nipple piercings in a show of rebellion. You don't know me! You don't know nutin'!

Bunsen burners are so neat! When I grow up, I want to be a Bunsen burner

Truth time:

My mom is actually the coolest mom ever. I am genuinely surprised that she wouldn't let me buy a Bunsen burner, I'd be careful with it! I can buy an old metal tray, keep the fiery creation hidden from any irresponsible friends and family... I can be trusted to play safely with fire in my wooden room with wooden furniture, I promise!

Sigh... Well I'm getting one when I move out. And everyone will like it B) Oh, and I won't be getting tattoos and nipple piercings in protest, that was just a joke. Just a tattoo of a Bunsen burner on my butt.

Now you're thinking to yourself: "Is he joking or simply insane?"
WELL!: "I haven't lost my Bunsen mind I say! Fire fire fire, fire fire..."
Sparky spark sparks

Let the sparks fly :D

Yours in writing


  1. You always have awesome creative ideas Ben. Granted Bunsen Burners can be very dangerous. Especially if they get knocked over. Plus its very easy for someone to accidentally burn themselves. However I know that you are extremely responsible. And yes I’m on your side with this. Great post. Im so proud of you!!!☺☺

    1. Thanks Jess :) Though I can't agree that there's a "My side" to this which we can join forces against my mom in. Mom said no, thus I must resign until I have my own house ;)

  2. Beautiful sparky spark sparks, Bunsenmin. You're like an arson artist... ... ... An arsonist.

    1. Hahahahaha, I like that :P Very original sista, I miss you! Thanks for reading my posts :D You must have had a good deal of free time that you didn't end up spending with friends, you're so self-sacrificial... Bless you!