19 April, 2016

Scarves! Fashion trends of my neck

I'm rocking them now because scarves are cool. I am a scarf man! I am so infatuated with scarves that I have created an original song in dedication to the cause. Scarf lovers, please join me in salute:

Doooes--- your scarf hang low,
Does it wobble too and fro?
Can you tie it in a knot,
Can you not tie it in a knot?

Can you toss it over your shoulder
Like a real stylish soldier?
Does your scarf- hang- low?

Taken from the Blog: Steph Su Reads
Didn't read the blog, just Googled the pic...
In case you thought I was recommending it.
I just wanted to acknowledge the post!
Stop reading into it! -_-
Sometimes I just ooze originality like a creative pimple. Effective wording is so much fun to use! Especially when I imagine my readers equating originality to popping a ripe pus-filled pimple of "creative juices". Sometimes my sinister side rears it's mean head for no apparent reason, sorry about that. The pimple thing was meant as I joke, I am in no way aiming that at anybody with bad acne and if you found that offensive then shame. Stop getting offended by people that aren't talking about you or your problems. I would hope that you take it as a compliment instead, since I likened your face to a mine-field of creative juice! ...That might have come out wrong too. Apologies.

Nice smells

I prefer to not stink like some of my jokes, but if I'm gonna smell then I hope to at least smell nice and, more importantly, to smell nice things. So I will be attempting to make a cinnamon and vanilla oil perfume thing! I can see the potential for a wonderfully refreshing smelling bathroom but there's no way I'm wasting money on air freshener, so I did a little research and I'm almost prepared. All I need are cinnamon sticks, vanilla seeds or extract, and a method of releasing it in nice smells! How hard could it be? A few methods online seem fairly simple and idiot-proofed so I'll find out what works for me :D (P.S. I said "idiot-proof" but I will need to use the stove, so that's not a completely accurate assessment).
Wish me culinary luck, I'll try to not burn the house down.
Scarves rule!

Yours in writing
Binnjamon - That's my name mixed with Cinnamon, not to be confused with my Digimon name: 'SupAmazingBenjamon'


  1. Lol. You are defiantly rocking your red scarf Ben!!! Well done on the song!!!!!! ♥☺ Great job I’m so proud of u!!!!1

    1. It's so soft and warm, scarves are almost as comfy as people! I can't wear a person around my neck though...

  2. I demand photographic evidence of Brother in said scarf.

    1. If you have yet to read my new post, BAM! Pictures of proofy photographic evidence as promised.

  3. It shall be done! Just wait until the weekend okay? I'll add it to a post. P.S. It's a 'Red' scarf - not a 'Said' scarf. 'Said' isn't a colour!